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G'Evening all.

I found Steemit through a member on a mutual discord and it seems like a rad platform, especially for people like myself, who are looking for an alternative to post their content one that isn't YouTube, because boi... That shit is dying fast.

I just wanted to write this up as a quick hello to you all, and give you a general plan on what I want to post here.

Pretty much all of my content will be gaming related, so if you came for that alt-coin market big think, I ma not ya boi.
If I find a game I really like I tend to make half an hour long videos trying to tell you exactly why I like them, otherwise if I only kinda enjoyed the game, but don't want to make a super long video on it, I'll make a shorter, more heavily edited video instead.

As for the first taste of the sort of content you can expect from me, you're in luck. I'm about to finish a MASSIVE project that's taken me about two months to get wrapped up, with any luck, you should see it on here by the end of this month (Hopefully, maybe, tbc) Stick around for that one is you like the Assassin's Creed games.

I'll see you all when that video goes up.

Until then, pleasure to meet ya, happy trading, stay safe and don't do drugs.

PS. Fuck YouTube.

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