It's on!

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Just got this delivered to me! watch my blog for upcoming streams and testing to see if my DSLR will hook up and work with the hd60s

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I'll be honest... I'm a bit jelly :]
Have fun with those!

Very cool, I'm interested to see how the stream deck works out. Thinking about picking one up.

hey i gave you an upvote dont forget to follow me and upvote me for future upvotes

Well, that's not very friendly

cuz its like running up behind someone and scratching their back and then asking them to scratch your back when they never asked you to scratch theirs in the first place. its just weird man :/

DLive has abandoned the Steem blockchain!

As you may have seen in DLive's post they are abandoning the Steem blockchain. @dlivecommunity does not condone this action and would ask you to reconsider your streaming options. Please take a look at Steem friendly options like or to continue receiving rewards on the Steem blockchain.


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@xuhi I'll follow & upvote you if you have good content...not b/c you told me to do it. That is why. No worries...just sayin'

@joeohs pretty

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