Intro to my csgo videos playlist

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Just letting you know what is all about. Plus morons on surf

Starting this, because let's be honest I run out of stuff to do here a long time

I started with music blogs, which I used to post daily. Maybe thats why they run out so fast. All 55 of them. I also streamed Hearthstone for a few months on Dlive. Those rewards were tasty. But since my gear and mainly my internt doesn't allow me to play what I want when I want, I had to switch gears yet again.

It is funny that everytime I'm struggling to keep my blog alive, and I got no ideas, I just have to start doing something, to find some 20 new ideas.

Been learning alot since I first got here, about myself, at the same time learning new skills, streaming (it's hard work, try it), photography, writting, and now video editing. Hopefully someday it all comes together as a big steaming pile of...

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Who you calling a kid, man? 😠

I mean, boy! Man!

Ok, girl, woman!

nice collection