Winner Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!Rules of Survival Gameplay!

in #gaming3 years ago

Hi guys! Today I'm back for a Rules of Survival gameplay as I announced in my previous post! So today you are gonna be witnessing how amazing,fun,exciting and many many more Rules of Survival is. I just got a chicken dinner with the players that is completely a stranger to me.

So as you saw, I got a chicken dinner with people that is a complete stranger. This game is very exciting and I recommend you to download it. If you are playing this game, let's play together! Add me at Asia server, my IGN is PhenomNion. Also I will show you a picture of my next battle after that chicken dinner.

This is my second match, and it was very horrible because all of my teammates suddenly dies, but manage to get second;)

And that is all for today,thank you guys and see ya next time!

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