Pokemon Japanese Haul! - Pokemon Center Haul + Booster Boxes

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I tried to upload this to DTube on three separate occasions and it is still not working! I will try to upload my next video on DTube again, and I really hope I don't have so many issues with it. Really like this video though guys so please enjoy it on Youtube and leave an upvote if you are excited to see my next unboxing!

Pretty cool stuff right?

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Let me know in the comments down below what box you are most excited to see opened!

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When I was in Japan in 2015, I picked up a booster of pokemon cards in Ikebukuro. They're...different, to say the least. Pretty awesome stuff, though!

Really would love to visit sometime. I got them to mix up the style sometimes in my openings.

If you ever go, definitely stop by the Pokemon Center in Ikebukuro. The plushies are pretty dope.

Last time I went, I found myself humming the RBY pokemon center theme on my way out the door.

Pokemon Center visit would be on the top of my list of things to do

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Dented or not, that really is an awesome and beautiful pull. Gratz! This post's title made me imagine a pokemon center board game...

Dented or not, that
Really is an awesome and
Beautiful pull. Gratz!

                 - felipejoys

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

Thanks! Super happy to add it my collection


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OMG! I loved that EX card you pulled out! I didn't know their design could be so cool! Like the colors, the art and the texture are just bombastic!

This video makes me want to buy pokémon cards xd