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Kuwanger Skip

in gaming •  4 months ago

Inspired by @whatsup's post.

I don't have a post for the day. I just can't really be bothered.

But I really want my daily rewards. And they're always the same anyway. So here's a video of my first time getting the Kuwanger Skip glitch in Mega Man X.

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is this even used in runs or naw


nice im gonna go take a look

This is just...

How people find these originally?


Usually by accident. The glitch (not this particular version, but the glitch that makes this possible) was discovered first by Luiz Miguel when this grab accidentally happened to him during a speedrun:

(The sub tank and heart tank are collected simultaneously)

Everybody was confused for a long time until people really started to replicate the trick and understand it. And then applying the logic to other situations.

looks like he was about to dip out the window =D