The Lastest Assassin's Creed Origins: Review.

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Hi Steemit friends, how is your day going? I hope you are doing fine!!. In this post am making a deep review on one of the best game that was recently released “Assassin's Creed Origins” in which I would be sharing my experience, tips and as well as my point of view about the game. Permit me to take you on a lovely ride!!

What is the game origin (as mentioned in the title)?
The Origins is very clear and straight forward which have been built up to now. Bayek who founded the brotherhood. In ancient Egypt he is a Medjay and the first Assassin. It entails classic story about revenge, as we have seen in previous series: Bayek's son and his wife Aya were killed by members of a malicious organization, and all he now want is punishment of the perpetrators. He gets a list of people responsible who he needs to kill, but every time he kill someone, it appears that the person worked on behalf of someone else and so on. Unknown to him as traveled all over Egypt with a bloody tragedy of revenge behind him.

As a die-hard fan i find a lot of new information in this new series by Ubisoft fascinating and memorable.
However, I can remember the previous series “Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag” which has some good and bad sides in terms of it gameplay which demanded more development. Followed by “Assassin's Creed Unity” which had many complains for having bugs and little innovation by masses but the game developer promised huge improvement in the next game. Now we have “Assassin's Creed Origins”, this game is going to get everyone in the stores mostly because the game had extra year and time which allows sealing the most important aspects for correction.

However, not only that this project took time get things done properly but the developer exhibit its completion with stable finish that ends the bad memory and specific failures in previous series like graphic level which make Assassin's Creed Origins one of the best video games of all time.

Who is the main character?
The main character of the game is no other person than Bayek and has I said before he is the last Medjay.
So who are the Medjay ? As presented in the game, they are responsible for monitoring the order in the street and also known as the most important safeguards of the pharaohs.
Let us move on with the main character discussion, During the adventure of Bayek, it became obvious that the Medjays was no longer needed,their bloodline seems to be eradicated.
Which makes Bayek the very last to defend the honor of his tribe.In the adventure of this new series personal interests play a major role. Bayek can already be seen as a killer even without you pressing a button.
He has only one goal in mind (revenge) and anyone he gets his hand on must pay with death.

The main plot, as i said before really satisfied me. You will eventually implode the developers for the stories told and knowing that changes comes with each tasks which keeps involving you more and more, till the good end.
You tend to travel the world, especially Egypt which is no more a small country unlike before during the era of Medjay,
As a player you need to get your Bayek a horse in order to move easily around, you can also decide to change clothing and also steal and disguise an animal, all the choice is left to you.
The world of Ancient Egypt present
the perfect setting and gameplay for the story of Bayek, another fascinating part is that the game plot is more than just Bayek's own mission. It also involves a group of powerful people called 'Order of the Ancients'.

How does those the game “identity saga” made it interesting?
This is comprehensible with a narrative flow which revolves around the identity saga. For example: Bayek and Aya a protagonists in the past, who are free from the constraint of an already formed order, this made it easy for the developers to make-up a story that works as a true myth foundation for the saga by making a continues details based on previous episodes along with future events. All these incredibly added lots of values to the game.
I don’t know about you but i always have plenty of fun playing Assasin's Creed series with remarkable moments.
I can remember when I played this new series where Bayek meets a kid called Heli, who loved the jumping style of the Medjay's faith, from which that moment gave birth to new task. It is precisely from here, in fact, that the important sequence begins for the creation of the new “Order” this shows a clear reference of game plot.And the love of the developers is aiming to build the most emotional side for a perfect game experience.

“Assassin's Creed Origins” is certainly the highest point in the series , because it actually represents the perfect balance between the great history and its controversial conspiratorial fiction, a tormented and private story, for the best adventure video game . A balance that flows straight forward to the end, but also develops complicated aspects, and is all held together by a perfect gameplay and with amazing storylines.

What is my point of view on the Missions?
From my point of view the missions, is totally different when compared to the previous episodes of the series. First of all, the game structure, much more open world and totally focused on missions, The missions is what you can call Amazing!!!! and you can say that again.
In this missions aspect you will be thrown on tactical situations which takes you for place to place, while missions become more and more complex as you move forward and get tangled up in the middle. In such a way that if not careful you get to make countless mistakes which I was also privileged to make. This is a method the developers used to keep you trying different approach of completing missions, these really made the missions more interesting.

This game really rewards you for absolutely everything although there are some few irrelevant contents (which I will discuss later in this post). Ubisoft created a huge universe for players to explore. For instance, You can find “papyri” a riddle on a map place where treasure awaits you which you can find by exploring the entire areas.
Another interesting mission you will come across is to rescue a group of children a factory for the fortieth time. Those are some of the interesting missions that made me fall in love with this game.

What is my point of view on the combating system?
This is one of the greatest improvement
in this game when compared to the previous series, it appears the old dynamic version has been abandoned and this new series has adopted a much more tactical combat system based on heavy weapons, parade, dodging tricks and bow use.
with much of the layout of the similar keys by doing all these :Lightweight on R1 / RB, Heavy Attachment on R2 / RT, Parade on L1 / LB (pulling on the shield in the left hand), with parry possibility (Circle / B when the shield is high) and the inevitable skid / rolled, here set to Square / X and also the possibility of blocking the target on an enemy.
Player can also hook a target by pressing the right stick to manage the entire attack and defense aspect.
unnamed (2).jpg
The combat system is very much simpler than i thought it would be: (it is almost like do nothing to hook your targets, throw them into the melee, and also act at will.)
In fact, The game button diagram is really very similar to that of “Dark Souls” Along with the fighting pattern, but the absence of stamina drew a broad line makes it a light version.
In Addition: A gimmick was put in place to avoid the abuse of the dodge, which force you to wait a few moments before resuming dodging again after the third continuous use. There is also the adrenaline bar that indicate as enemies are damaged.
Much of the game action really depends on moveset and attack speed (sword, spear, bat, stick etc). Player can also equip two main weapons and two bows.
This offers the highest degree of quality gameplay and varieties to choose from in order to master how weapons work perfectly. As usual you can play many mission using invasive techniques, you will definitely know this if you are fan of “Assassin Creed” series which most times push players to fight.
Conducting a goal in a direct fight, or from a distance with arrow and bow, which actually feels satisfying when playing.

There also a stealth phases in which you can kill virtually without noise by curting the distance between one guard and the other but you have to pay close attention and designing effective strategies using Senu (Bayek's trusted eagle). This is always a kind of drone to explore the area. Which is really Ideal when carrying out a sneaking mission.
You should know it not only useful only in combat but also in exploration because of its ability to spot places and treasures. While in combat the enemies will avoid attacking you in bulk.
You will also be granted a super ability to get the most from the adrenaline bar: Depending on your weapons of choice in which you will be granted access to enter a super power / agility stage, or nearly lethal move.When it is full, you can these to activate the Ultra (R1 / RB + R2 / RT).This would be very useful to you when you come across a high-ranking enemy. This is aimed to balance the game difficulty level, in order to meet the needs of any type of player to make things interesting. As a matter of fact, you will often see ways to improvise to achieve your goal, even if things does not go as you intended.
All these made me conclude that the combating system of the game are very much overwhelming.

Game Details and Ratings
Developer ----------------Ubisoft Montreal


Engine --------------------AnvilNext 2.0

Platform-----------------Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One

Release Date:-----------October 27, 2017

Genres--------------------Action-adventure, Stealth



Game Resolution----------------9/10






unnamed (13).gif

What areas should developers improve on for the next series?
Developers should build on the game challenges which feels too easy to me

The inserting a strength bar to limit our strokes and dodge is not necessary, it should be removed

The horrible voices of characters should also be worked on

The game has microtransaction which I feel is not necessary: it should be removed

The combat system should also be worked on, it keeps slowing down at some point

There is a little bit of error in the storyline: Brutus, Marcus Antonius and Leonius were not mentioned since the game is all about origin. This should be corrected!!

The game animations should be improved on

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What can we Conclude on?

Now Let us make some few conclusion on what we have discussed above.
At the game early stage you can take part in the daily tasks where you can get special weapons to make finishing the game much easier with minimum difficulty which would take atleast between 25 and 30 hours of your time to finish this game (it may take more,if you are a slow learner).
This game without a doubt offer that revolutionary and open world experience with huge content but the game has some few writing problems, the game story mission is very entertaining (which I have no problem with) but it came to my notice that every spoken sentence in this game simply sounds too complicated, too poetic and sound horrible, Which makes me wonder if the developers did this on purpose or not. But nevertheless I still enjoyed playing the game as it entails lots of fun ideas and the perfect gameplay.


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