Online Game Show to Win Real Money

in #gaming3 years ago

While surfing the internet I came across an app where you can win real money. If you have a good general knowledge there is a great number of chances that you might win with this app.

The app is called HQ-Trivia and you can download the app from below links:

Link - Android

Link - iOS

The games is actually a live TV show where the host will ask 12 questions and you have to answer each one right to win the prize money. The prize is a total of $2500 sometimes its more and sometimes its less, and it will be divided at the end in every winner.

The game show happens twice a day and it can vary according to your time zone. There is a referral program for extra lives. Every time a new user register with your referral code you will get an extra life.

When the game starts the app will send you a notification around 5 minutes before the game so you can join the game, and if you win you have to provide your pay-pal to receive the money and there is no minimum balance required for cashing out.

The game is quite hard so don't think you can win easy.