Player Unknown. What's in the crate? And Steve McQueen

in #gaming4 years ago

Loot boxes, crates, whatever we call them these days, this game has them and even though I've been playing for about five minutes, I'm already worried.

Is what's in each crate purely cosmetic? Well, if you can't buy weapons or sights (surely not?) then what else could the crates contain?

This isn't even pay-to-win. It's pay-to-look-good.

Still won't help me from dying like the noobiest noob in history.

My latest travesty. I found a bike and raced it around the map like I was Steve McQueen in The Great Escape. I stopped by a ridge. Then a jeep came flying over, pretty much knocking my head off. The last thing I see is two guys from the jeep looting my noob dead body.

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