One Of The Best Battlefield Players In The World? Not exactly

in #gaming4 years ago

I think I am. Perhaps. Or maybe not...

Here's the deal. I love Battlefield 4 on the Xbox One. But I think I love it for the wrong reasons. Other players generally tend to hate me, or at least become slightly annoyed. But I'm not a camper. I'm a strategic player.

Strategic players (I'm presuming I'm not the only one) don't do what 99% of FPS players do. The 1% (me and my strategic buddies) find a good position, take our time, and try not to get killed. It's kind of like real life, because although I'm not a soldier, I imagine it doesn't make sense to run round a war zone at sprint speed for ten minutes with a personal mission of gaining your first multi-kill of the day. Or jumping backwards and doing a 360 degree turn while shooting an enemy with a crossbow at the same time (totally doable, by the way).

Strategic Play

I like strategic play. Sometimes it's boring, because you have to wait for people to put themselves in danger. And then when the opportunity presents itself, you move.

I played Battlefield 3 for some time. My favourite map was the huge oilfield one. Planty of places to be strategic there. It soon became apparent though, that strategic play in any FPS is largely a recipe for disaster.

And if you look at any eSports tournament footage with an FPS game, it's all about run and gun. But if you then look at me and my playing style I'm getting 7 skills for every death, on average.

Doesn't that make me, like , one of the best Battlefield players ever?

If I think like a soldier might think, by taking cover, running away from hopeless fights and generally not getting myself killed, why would I never even be considered for a BF4 tournament?

The answer is simple. Because I don't do what nearly everyone else does, I'm not going to be considered 'competition level'. Instead I'm a Noob, a loser, the dead weight section of any squad.

But while everyone else aspires to the 20 kills to 14 deaths ratio, I walk away with 7 to 1, or 14 to 2.

Essentially I'm not as good a competitor as the trigger happy players who think it's hilarious to jump up and down furiously while you try to shoot them (dance, boy dance!).

It's weird, especially when you consider that players who persistently die have a very negative effect on their team's scores.

And my K/D is 7:1

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