Guess Which MMORPG Is Finally Coming To Consoles?

in #gaming4 years ago

Tera is soon to be released on consoles. It's had a great reception since it first entered the online space on PC back in 2011.

Basically, it's Warcraft but fresher and with some (arguably) more interesting characters. Ever since I've started console gaming with any kind of skill and commitment, I used to love Runescape. It was an epic game and the grind didn't seem too daunting. But by the time I was hitting level 70 on all my skills, I felt that I had to give up.

Fair play to those Runescape players who persisted to the very highest levels. I once read an article that stated that it would take 14 weeks to max out your levels on Runescape (with 6 hours of play a day, 5 days a week). That scared me too. I happen to quite like oxygen and daylight:

Key features of Tera include some of the biggest monsters you've ever seen:

All this sounds great, but I've had a bad experience with MMORPGs on XBox One. For example, I started Neverwinter and that just ended up boring me (as well as frustrating me with the 'order' of quests in one particular region.

Skyforge Is better, and I may go back to that soon, but the grind is starting to bite.

Tera looks good, and I'm excited. But it looks like WOW. And that could be a bad thing.

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