Stardew Valley review

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Stardew Valley is a game which is created by… one person. As soon as it was released it conquered twitch and YouTube gaming. But this trend did not last so long. It's a pity, because the game is fantastic. Especially for older players who still remember Harvest Moon. A Game from PSX and Nintendo consoles, where we’ve got our own farm. Stardew Valley offers much more. There are so many things to do, that you don’t really know what to do.

At the very beginning we get to the yard, because it's hard to call it a farm. There are just stones and weeds plus a tiny wooden shack. In order to plant something on this farm, it is necessary to clean the area. So we chop the trees and dig some stones that block the road. We sell some of the acquired raw materials to earn funds for the purchase of seeds. Our basic equipment is hoe, axe, fishing rod and pickaxe. These tools allow us to develop ourselves. We fish, dig minerals, sometimes even get an artifact, which we can return to the museum, give as a present or simply sell. From wood, we can create all sorts of things, although at the beginning there is not much choice.


Crafting options become wider with our level. The more money we have from fish, fossils or other raw materials, we can plant better and more expensive plants. We can build chicken coop and a barn. Hens lay eggs and from a dug ore we make a mayonnaise machine. Crafting at large. In the further stages of the game, the pigs bring ... truffles. We can plant grapes, and when we improve our house by adding a cellar - we can make wine from these grapes. Here, everything works together. The interaction of objects and skills is amazing. Steam shows that I played this game for 29 hours and I still didn’t earn pigs, horses and ... wife. Exactly, wife! Outside the farm there is a small town with a seed shop, blacksmith (who improves the ax or pickaxe), fishing shop (where we can buy bait and a better rod), a museum where we will return artifacts and receive prizes, destroyed building which we will slowly rebuild and a lot of secrets to discover. But let's go back to this “wife” thing. You can get married. More than 20 people live in the town with whom you can talk. What's more, we have a calendar at our disposal that will tell us when an NPC has a birthday. We can give them presents from among the things we found in the game. Not every gift has to please particular NPC, so with help comes Wikipedia about this game. But this is the only thing I check there because I do not want to spoil the fun. The game is divided into 4 seasons. Each season has 30 days, and each day lasts about 13 minutes. During these 13 minutes we do what we want and at the end we sell our goods so that we could earn money the next day.



As you can see we’ve got here some RPG elements. This game is huge and incredibly complex. There are hundreds of things to do in exception of farming or fishing. We can complete tasks for residents. We can shine up to our beloved, who will help us to develop our farm after wedding. We make more and more better devices, which are many of them. The game is so huge that it incredibly draws you. There is a syndrome here of “one more day” that we want to finish. The game has no specific purpose and is actually endless. Once we've build all farm buildings and we have all then we'll want to find all the artifacts, catch all the fish etc. We have a mine aspect here, so fans of minecraft will find themselves very well here, economic aspect - for fans of such species and also great music and cool old-school graphics. The price of the game is ridiculously low, because we can buy it for a few dozen zlotys on steam and in electronic stores Nintendo / PlayStation store / Xbox. We will pay over PLN 100 for the boxed version. I recommend giving this game a chance, because it can draw you for a long time. I only miss playing online, but there are some beta tests in which PC players can already participate.

Overall rating 9/10

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