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Since we have talked about games on the Apple II, the conversation of the best games in this computer isn't complete without talking about The Oregon Trail.

This is an educational game that was made to be played in school to teach kids about the history of The Oregon Trail but don't get fooled about the educational aspect, the game is pretty good.


You play as a wagon leader in the year 1848 guiding a group of settlers from Independence in the state of Missouri all the way to Oregon's Willamette Valley using as transport covered wagon, and it is meant to realistically simulate the journey of pioneers along the Oregon Trail.

The game can be sort into two different games mechanics, the first being the travel. In the travel part of the game, you go along with your wagon sorting all kinds of different perilous things that can happen to you or your party. If you didn't buy enough food for the trip you can die of dysentery (which is the most famous) but you can also get bit by a snake, get diseases like typhoid and cholera, you can also drown or die because of gun-shot.
There are various landmarks you can visit and stock up on food and medication if you make it on time.

The other game mechanic is hunting. Yes, there is hunting in the game, you can hunt at almost any point during your trip, for this, you have to buy guns and bullets. Hunting wild animals provide you with needed food for your trip. In the Apple II computer version of the game, the hunting is done by quickly typing "Bang", "Wham", or "Pow" any misspelled resulting on a fail attempt at hunting the animal.


The Oregon Trail is one of the best games ever for the Apple II computer, I recommend you to play the emulator version, since getting an Apple II and the disk can run you about 300 USD.

These quick looks are my own findings and original thoughts acquire while playing the game

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