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Ever wondered what a fighting game would look like if it had every anime cliche in the book? uhh... yes? What? you've played Blazblue and Guilty Gear? Well, this introduction is counter-productive.

Evil zone is about, well... let's just have the narrator explain it for you below.


I don't know why, but there's just something so hilariously satisfying about that guy saying" Ihadurca."

Ok, so basically this game about an inter-dimensional tournament held to select the strongest warrior, who will in turn, kill the big bad hot milf lady villain...


Admit it you'd tap that.

Anyway, cliched story aside. The fighting mechanics are actually what makes this game unique. The game focuses on simplicity to make it more accessible to new players. Fights happened on a 3D plain kind of like Tekken. Unlike other fighting games though, like Street Fighter and King of Fighters that use multiple button combinations (You know like the ones below),


Evil zone actually only has one main attack button, the triangle button. Different attacks are determined by different aspects in conjunction with the triangle button, the proximity of one player to another, the directional button you press, how many times and how long you hold the attack button. One big criticism I have of the game though is that, the characters may look different but they control in exactly the same way. The Power Stock System is another thing I like about the game, It's kind of a high risk - high reward system that enables the player to deal out devastating damaging moves continuously the less their health bar is. By holding the triangle button, a character can charge up to 3 Power Stocks, these stocks are used to deliver a characters ultimate attack, the less health you have the easier it is to charge said stocks.

The animation and visual presentation of the game are actually pretty good as well for its time, and it is a shame that it didn't exactly catch on, that being said if you'd like a unique fighter to play with your friends, go ahead and give this one a try. I'm sure there should be someone selling a physical copy online, or maybe just do what I did and just use an emulator. (P.S piracy is wrong... don't do it, unless you're like me who does not have any money, in which case... uhh to each their own?)


Thank you very much for reading and I hoped you enjoy.
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