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[ENG] Hello the stemians of all. What's the news? Wish you good health always. Meet again with my thread rizkipros101. After me review heroes marksman from MOBA mobile legends yesterday that is bruno. So I am going to continue to discuss heroes that are not less also in the field of shooting is the cowboy CLINT.

Clint is a Mobile Legends hero who looks like a Cowboy. Fight using 2 weapons at once, Clint became one of the heroes of Mobile Legends is quite feared. Clint is also very lively strong heroes if user is also very good at using it.As a damage dealer, Clint has a passive skill that is able to increase the Damage significantly. 



After using the skill (including any skill), Clint Attack will strike straight forward and produce a Damage of 120% of the Basic Attack used


Clint will throw a smoke-filled grenade into the enemy area that will result in Physical Damage. The grenade smoke will reduce Basic Attacks%, and reduce the enemy's Moves Speed heroes by 60%.


When this skill begins to be used, Clint will fire a net trap that produces Physical Damage and will activate the effect of slowing down the enemy hero that first touched the net trap. Meanwhile Clint will jump far back, to make the distance with the opponent's hero


Clint will throw a grenade at the target. When the grenade explodes, it will produce quite a lot of Physical Damage. This skill can throw 5 pieces of grenade continuously

Tips for using Clint's combo : If you see the effects produced by each skill, then the combo I suggest is, first use the Heel Rope (Skill 2) to distance the enemy hero. Then, use Blind Smoke (Skill 3) to reduce the enemy's HP hero, and slow down its motion and attack. last use Howitzer (Skill 3) to kill enemy heroes.

So if sorted would be like : Skill 2 next Skill 1 next Skill 3


I would suggest the Clint build has a very painful attack, we recommend you create a Burst Damage build item.

1.Rapid Boots

First, you must create Rapid Boots. This item will add Movement Speed of 50 pts.

2.Scarlett Phantom

Then Scarlett Phantom. This item adds 30 Physical Attack effects, 40% Attack Speed, and Critical Strike Chance by 10%. This item has a passive effect that adds 35% Attack Speed every Critical, and adds Critical Strike Rate 5%. This effect lasts for 2 seconds.

3.Endless Battle

Third, the Endless Battle. This item adds a Physical Attack effect of 65 pts, 25 pts Magic Power, 250 pts HP, 300 pts Mana, 5% Movement Speed, and Lifesteals effect of 15%. This item also adds a passive effect that increases Basic Attack by 70%. And it will increase the Cooldown time of 1.5 seconds.


4.Berserkers Fury

Fourth, you have to make Berserker's Fury. This item adds Physical Attacks as much as 65 pts, 25% critical and 40% Critical Damage. This item also has a passive effect that increases Physical Attack by 5%


5.Malefic Roar

Then next Malefic Roar. This item will add Physical Attack 60% and Physical Penetration 40%. This item also adds to the passive effect of reducing Defense from enemy Turret


6.Blade of despair

Then the last Blade of Despair. This item adds 135 pts of Physical Attack, adds 25% Attack Speed and adds Critical Strike.

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 Original Images and Source are from in-game Mobiles Legend. 

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