[Mobile Legends] When is the Right Time to Take Turtle and Lord and Push?

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Since its introduction in 2016, Mobile Legends is present for the Android and iOS platforms instantly loved by gamers.

This game has a 5 vs. game pattern. 5 where each team has a goal to destroy the large crystals that are at enemy headquarters.

Of course to do it is not an easy matter. As a game that prioritizes teamwork, cohesiveness and skills of each individual must be owned.

Using heroes suitable for strategic needs is also a must. In essence, selfishness is very useless here.

To achieve victory, gamers are also required to grind by taking Turtle and Lord because each of them gives a significant impact for the team!

In addition, timing is also an important thing to do to push (attack the opponent's defense).

1. Take Turtle Since Game Beginning


Since the beginning of the game, taking Turtle is a must for you if you want to win.

After picking up your own buff and clutching the enemy's buff, taking Turtle is the best way. But it takes a good teamwork to take the Turtle quickly at the start of the game.

Why do I have to take Turtle at the beginning? Because in this way, money gap and XP you will be better than the opposing team from the beginning so that the gear could be faster.

Do not forget, get Turtle consistently!

2. Take Lord When This 3 Happens


To take the Lord, of course, takes the right time and timing.

First, you can take Lord when your level and gear is enough at the beginning of the game. Yes, the strongest teams will not pass the chance to conquer the Lord as soon as possible.

The opposing team whose level and gear is still small at the beginning of the game will not be strong with this strategy.

Well, so you can get high level and expensive gear in a fast time, of course you need a strong hero! Lancelot, Martis, and Jawhead are examples of the powerful Mobile Legends heroes today.

Continue to the second state, you can take Lord when the situation is Wipe Out. This situation will make you free because all enemies have died.

If the opponent's turret is still many, taking the Lord of course is a wise path because he can help you do push faster.

As for the third, you can take Lord when your team is dominating the game and have spent a lot of enemy turrets.

To end the game, your colleagues can lure him by attacking one of the three existing lane turrets. While the rest can take the Lord to increasingly make the opponent's mental drop!

3. Do Push When 3 It's Coming You!


To do push, there are some things that must be considered because of wrong-do push, you can even be in wipe out by the opponent.

First, do a push when two members of the opposing team are killed. Losing two means losing almost 50 percent of the opposing team's ability, and your success in doing push can get bigger when in this state.

Of course the remaining three members of the opponent would have difficulty even impossible to protect the turret.

If the situation is still as strong, the second factor may be able to help you.

Yes, you can do a push when there is only one member of the opponent guarding the turret. As strong as one person would certainly die if be beaten by 2 or 3 people!

Therefore, looking for an opponent who is solo defend is something that must be done.

Third, you can do the push in a unique way, ie when your colleagues are doing an open war with the enemy.

But be prepared mentally because open war that happened can be 5 vs 4, because your team will minus one person who is doing push.

To do this third way, using a hero push like Hayabusha is mandatory.

Hayabusha has incredibly fast penetration and technique for doing push. When you get Hayabusha, you just ask four of your colleagues to open war, and you can push until the tower runs out!

But of course this way is risky because if they lose, you live alone deh. So think carefully and keep the cohesiveness before doing this.

Regards : @rizarahmad

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