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Fans of this game genre battle royale gets two good news at once after the Player Unknown's Battleground Mobile (PUBG Mobile) was released a few weeks ago. The good news first, PUBG finally released the mobile version after the long-awaited fans who are looking forward to this game for free on your smartphone. Second, PUBG Mobile really able to answer the expectations of the gamers who've long dreamt of PUBG can better with a good in mobile.

Yep, PUBG Mobile successfully bucked the trend of bad console games or PC the in-port to mobile. Usually, mobile game porting's always considered to be much more ugly and much different from the console version, especially the PC which specification is superior. Well, PUBG Mobile is not included among them.

Well, suppose-suppose experience, and what can you get from PUBG Mobile? Yuk, check out the review below let lo know the advantages and disadvantages of this game!

1. The excitement of the Same, Different Sensations


As a pioneer of the game battle royale that is currently flooding the Play Store, PUBG Mobile still provide the experience you get from the game-game battle royale. Lo if you along with 100 other people, diterjunin from a plane to an island, find weapons, survival, and so the only survivors of that life.

Lo no need to worry about elements that exist in the PC version of the baseball brought to the mobile version. Play PUBG Mobile baseball more like lo but PUBG PC in the phone lo. Baseball is changing. Item or the weapon remain the same. Map-its so widespread despite the new supplied one for now. So also the difference in the effect of the recoil of every weapons that make PUBG Mobile one step ahead of the game battle royale. Compare the in game battle royale the other effect of the recoil of the gun is distinguished only from the type. This also became a sensation when the play it.

2. New features are Not There in the PC Version


PUBG Mobile not only in the form of a simplification of its PC version. Tencent and PUBG Corp. as the developer know very well the needs of the mobile gamers who want to play with a comfortable and practical. So, they added some new features that baseball will lo found in the PC version.

Just like mobile games in general, before playing, you will find the feature of "Missions" that give the lo bonus battle points and the EXP. This Bonus will be obtained as gait lo play. You'll be given a mission daily or weekly that could be an additional motivation lo to play

For new features in the gameplay, PUBG Mobile also insert some new features such as looting automatic and improvement in the system map/compass. For a system of looting automatic, not everything is taken automatically. The items taken are automatically selected based on the needs and the items that I have lo. For example, you already have the AK-47. The system of looting automatic this will help lo take a bullet 7.76 mm automatically. So are the items complement the other like a scope or a handle. Other items that no relationship could be lo select manually according to the needs.

The system map is also so significant improvement from the PC version. In PC, lo can't walk calmly while checking the map or compass because the cover screen. In the mobile version, the folder view contrived is small so lo can still see the folder at once notice the surrounding circumstances.

3. There Are Bots Does Not Mean The So Not Fun!


If you already jajal PUBG Mobile and directly can "Chicken Dinner", don't be proud of the first. You see, the first game lo play I ensured was filled by a bot with a low difficulty level. Indeed not all bots, though. Lo will also feel other people, but the amount is not much.

Eits, do not think negative first. Bot system is not necessarily to make PUBG Mobile so game nuts. Instead, the bot will help lo create nyesuain self-same game. This is handy if you never play first-person shooter (FPS) or third-person shooter (TPS) in mobile.

Lo can do bot boxes as target practice lo when wearing a weapon. Indeed, hell, the bots that are in the game-the first game lo game samsa once baseball bahayain lo. However, try home, deh, if you directly feel the enemies are already accustomed to and even it experts. Must be stressed first, right?

4. About the Graphics, Don't Compare with the PC Version!


Talk about a weak point PUBG Mobile, the quality of the graphics to be a topic that will be discussed. Moreover, if the earlier lo version players PC. Detail and visual experience overall it is far behind. Especially in the depiction of the object or environment. However, lo it is also wrong to ngebandingin graphics on PC and mobile that is indeed really different.

Even so, the graphics PUBG Mobile is fairly good compared to the game battle royale special mobile other. Objects that are displayed in detail for the size of the mobile game. It looks also much more realistic compared to the game battle royale.

5. Not Too Friendly with the Phone Mid-end


Actually, it's not gonna be a problem if you have a cell phone with qualified specifications. To be able to play it smoothly without problems, at least you got a phone with 3 GB RAM to the top. If on the contrary, this game will be felt not so comfortable and quite disturb the experience of playing lo.

For example, just when ngeker the enemy using the scope. The displacement of the frame feels very rough even setting the graphics already set to a minimum. Don't be surprised if kekeran lo baseball precision. To overcome this, you can outsmart by set the sensitivity so that the displacement of the frame is not feels so fast.

Still gossip, anyway, but he said the game Red Dead Redemption the latest will be no mode the battle royal, though.

If you play on a smartphone with a high spec, lo baseball will menemuin problem which means. Don't worry about the bugs because Tencent and PUBG Mobile look already in the middle of preparation this game is from afar to ngindarin bug issues that often arise in game-game battle royale.

Overall, PUBG Mobile is a simplification of the PC version is almost perfect. You will feel the difference which is quite disturbing from the side of the control and graphics that baseball seasyik the PC version. However, overall, PUBG Mobile stay chic in providing a similar experience and just as fun as what you feel when playing on a PC. More fun again, this game can you play when and wrote without the need to put a penny of rupiah, experience baseball will be able lo get from the PC version.

That's it reviews of the game from me @riomaulana, Don't forget to look at the game review in my blog, Thank you!!!

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