Football Manager 2018 - The Hopton Journey - Part 5

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The Hopton United Journey

Part 5

Good evening and welcome back to the Hopton United Journey. Todays part we will be looking at Novembers results in the league and we will take a look at the months players stats and also take a look at the overall player stats to date. We will also take a look at the current league table at the end of November. There will also be the opportunity to vote on who you think should win player of the month for November.

So lets start today by taking a look at the 4 league matches this month. Not much happened this month apart from 4 league matches, but im sure as we progress through the leagues, there will be more happening especially when we enter more competitions.





As you can see, we have had another perfect month winning all 4 games. We are absolutely smashing it however a little bit disappointing how many goals we have conceded this month. Considering the amount of goals we have conceded in total so far, to concede 3 goals this month alone is not great, however we have been rotating the squad a little more this month to keep conditioning high.


There you go, the 4 wins this month looks good on the results. How does that shape up the league table so far.


So we are pretty much at the half way point in the league and we have a 14 point lead over 2nd place. i think the boys can now start to think about next season but not to the point they can take there feet of the gas. We want 100% this season so the work carries on.

Now its time to take a look at this months player stats which again have looked so good. Most of the players in the team have amazing stats and i hope this will continue for many seasons to come.

november stTA.png

And finally the overall stats


Player of the Month November

Player A

tom burrell.png


The club captain this month has had an outstanding month. Playing at the heart of defense but chipping in with 2 assists in 3 games played bagging a player of the match award. One of the most consistent players of the month and is only getting better each month.

Player B

rob thompson.png


Our Scottish Left midfielder Rob has also had an outstanding month scoring 2 goals and assisting 2 goals in 4 games played. The left midfielder is always on hand to provide goals in amongst getting called up to the youth Scottish Internationals.

Player C

Lewis Crowe.png


Lewis' 3rd month in a row as a nominee for player of the month and again it looks like he was better than the previous months performances. From right midfield, he has scored 5 goals and assisted in 2 in just 4 games. He is our top assister in the team always putting the ball on a plate for every one else to score.

To vote for Novembers Player of the month, please comment below either A, B or C as to who you think deserves this. The winner of the vote will get the player of the month vote and this will be added to the stats and this will then give them a chance of winning the Steemit player of the season.

A - Tom Burrell
B - Robert Thompson
C - Lewis Crowe

You have 7 days from the time this post is released before we have our winner .

Check out some of the players steemit pages.

Keiran Martin - @slayerkm
Trafford Burrell - @supertraff
Alex Chigz - @chigz14
Rian Cushing - @supercush

Please follow me so you dont miss the next installment of the Hopton United Journey. If you enjoyed please leave an upvote and let me know in the comments what you think so far.


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