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Now I'm going to assume a lot of you have heard of knockoff consoles before because they're kind of a common thing that you see in malls and flea markets and places like that. More often than not they’re a controller, just standalone, and the controller plugs up straight to your TV and claims to have hundreds and hundreds of games. A lot of them out there look like they’re old Nintendo graphics just worse and in some cases the hundred games that they're including aren't actually games from the Nintendo or Sega Master System but they're actually games that are just made up, and bad, without any real concept of design or really anything that would make a game worthwhile. These products are designed to be sold really quick and for really cheap. Ladies and gentlemen today you're going to be seeing the worst video game console I own — the Wireless60.


Now I know a lot of you are probably thinking what the hell's a Wireless60? And that's a very good question. Wireless60 is pretty much a SNES on a chip. Now what that means is it actually has graphics that are comparable to the Super Nintendo or Sega Genesis and it has it on a single chip. Where the Super Nintendo was a masterfully designed console that took years to develop the Wireless60 wasn't. It looks like it was made in somebody's garage or at least it feels that way. There isn't much info out there on the system. I know that there are variations of the system that exist that use the same games I'm about to review but it would be almost impossible to know the exact number of how many are out there.


Right off the bat you know the Wireless60 isn't going to be that great. In fact I'm pretty sure all of you are thinking – boy these games have to suck more than anything in the world – and you'd be right. The games were designed very quickly and without very much effort put into them so all 60 games included in the console are pretty much garbage. I mean you really would hope for something very unique and interesting to come out of this but every game they try to copy and emulate is just poorly done. Now while all the games in the console to my knowledge are original games the actual fundamental design of them are copied from games like Tetris and Bomberman and even Pac-Man. But none of these games are good not even a bit. They're nowhere near comparable to the original games that they're based off of. So if you really want to you can try these games out at your own risk. But to save you from that what I'm going to do is play all 60 and review all 60 games. Dear God why?

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Nice info. Thanks :)

Haha looks like that wireless60 is the worst game console. Just by reading the name or brand sounds like a song parody hahaha. Thanks for sharing this by the way sir i also do game reviews


I'll check out your page! :)


Thanks sir but i only review a couple of times :)

As someone who's trying to see good in everything I might want to see the positive side of this... who this console is for... But I don't have the time to think about it.

Thanks for sharing!!


You're welcome! :)

Dear God why? It's ur opinion you want to so play the game catch your fun make money while you review (cuz that's awesome!!

Lol and I played the 3DO

i'm a fan of your blog sir 😊!!

want to write blog like you... support me please

Yo! I know what to ask santa for for christmas now... Thanks bro ; )

anybody remember the gizmondo console right before sony released PSP lol XD