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The following was originally recorded in April 2013, long before Rare Replay and the Nintendo Classic series were even a blip on the radar. It’s funny to see how far things can come in a few years.

Emulation isn't a bad word. Now, I know a lot of you guys think that emulation is this big, bad thing that is ruining the video game industry. But the fact is, well it's not. I actually think emulation is keeping the video game industry alive.

Think about it this way. A long time ago when I was a kid I watched Citizen Kane on TV. Now Citizen Kane was released in 1941 on celluloid. That's film! And you know what's funny about television? It's not film! It's an analog signal. Over the years it turned digital but when I was a kid it was still analog. Now let me explain this because it's really important. Over the years I've been able to purchase Citizen Kane on VHS, DVD, Blu-Ray, picture book, a lot of formats. Blu-Ray is probably the best way to do it today. But what's so funny about that is that's technically emulation! It's taking the celluloid film and modifying it so you can watch it on a television.


Now video games are digital. They've been digital since forever. And it should have been super easy for us to take really old video games like Snatcher on the Sega CD and you know, play it on modern systems. And mostly with the work of programmers working independently at home, it's not very hard to download an emulator and play classic and impossible to find games. But you would be hard-pressed to find many worthwhile, official emulation packages or software being promoted or even sold by the companies behind some of those classic games. It just makes sense for every major publisher to release their old and hard to find games in a modern and hopefully DRM free emulated method.


But Konami? Well they don't do that. And I really would prefer that they did! Because companies like Konami and Nintendo, sometimes they trickle out a couple of games that are really old from the days of yore. And they release them onto modern systems so that we can play them. Sega? Really good at this. Sega's pretty much released every single video game they ever made onto new systems like the GameCube and the Wii and the PlayStation 3 and now on the PC! And the reason why they are doing that is 'cause well...they're shit broke!


The Sega CD was such a good system — I really miss it! I mean yeah, it had a lot of problems but Snatcher was such a fantastic game and having the only version of Snatcher in English be released on the Sega CD? Well, it kind of sucks because the Sega CD is old and the laser diode stops working over time so finding a console in the wild that still works today is really difficult. How much does that suck? If you had an original copy of Snatcher – aside from having spent a lot of money on a video game – you probably wouldn't be able to play it. And that sucks. And I really think that companies should be working a lot harder to make their old systems work for emulation. Because guys...you’re really not making enough money on your old shit anymore.

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I also thought that simulation is bad for video gaming industry. Thanks for the info

i always play games on cellphone




I thought I should write this article as a typical 90 birthday. (I did not envy Ozan's Amiga scripts, of course, why do I envy now?)

Yes, sir, let's get back to your position. We can say that the 90's have experienced one of the golden age of video games. With the transition from 8 bit games to 16 bit games, a new era has almost begun. So, like 1993, the 32 Bit games have been on the market and they have been fascinated.

And of course we were arriving a bit late in Turkey in this kind of system. Both our economical situation and the era of handicapping Americans playing 32 bit games, we were still convicted of 8-bit games. It was also provided by the Micro Genius company, which produces the Nintendo NES clone in our country. I'm talking about 150,000 cassette tapes that all of us will remember. The placement of these as an atari is also a separate event.
Perhaps every 90-year-old kid bought a Micro Genius to cry over his house and often occupied home television. Of course, at that time all over the country, such as today's internet cafeleri "Atari Hall" furyasını need to pass. These places, which are opened by various names ("Fame City", "Dreamland" etc.), are described by the families as a sins of the children and when you get inside, you encounter the money-trapping machines and "Are you going to sleep?" These saloons are finished as the attendants enter the houses and the prices become very cheap. At present, we can see most of these game machines in shopping malls.
Obviously I do not want to get too involved with Atari and 8-bit games. My main issue is a new era with 16 and 32-bit game consoles.

PlayStation 1 has been on the market for quite some time since 1994. Obviously, for the first time I could see PlayStation in 1997. There are children who probably go to other countries and call them home three days a week to get in the way of buyers and friends, but none of them were among my friends.

When Micro Genius did not taste anymore and did not play a new game, we met with a big question;

Should I take Game Boy? Or is it Sega?

I used my first chance for Game Boy. Then the big pressure from my parents was to give it back and bring the Sega Mega Drive 2 home. Do you regret it? No. Because the Sega Mega Drive 2 was a real joy machine with 16-bit gaming experience.
The Sega Mega Drive series, which was sold in other countries under the name of Sega Genesis, seemed more charismatic than other gaming machines. Once the cartridges were no longer made up like an athlete, they were sold in boxes like VHS tapes. I can still remember that plastic smell in that box. Because every box we bought was like a gold bullion for us.

Over time, Sega drove two advanced models onto Mega Drive. The biggest differences between these devices that run all Mega Drive games are as follows:

Mega Drive: The only device with stereo sound setting on it. Hacking, overclocking is pretty simple. The best sound output was also in this device.

Mega Drive 2: Simplified and minimized version. In this model, A / V output is placed behind the unit. No voice control.

Mega Drive 3: Simpler and smaller model. There is not a big difference.
I would like to list the top 20 games I played with Sega Mega Drive.

1- Contra: Hard Corps
It's one of Konami's best games. I just can not get myself to say that it is done today. There's no need to play co-op.

2- Sonic The Hedgehog 2 ve 3
Sonic's room is separate. I can say that it is the PC game I bought the first time as well as having played thousands of times since my childhood has been effective in taking this place. It is undeniable that Sega is one of the most charismatic characters.

3- Shadowrun
I can say the most successful game BlueSky has done. SNES version transferred to Genesis.

4- Pirates Gold!
It's one of the games that Sid Meier made for the first time. Everything you can expect from the open world piracy game is in this game.

5- Dune II: Battle for Arrakis
Now when we call Dune, the running water stops. Also, when I come to PC games, the Dune series I will examine is an obvious example of how Westwood came to today.

6- Disney’s Aladdin
It was a very successful game that Disney added to Sega. He's one of them in Aladdin. Especially animations are among the best in the era. I have the same game, Game Boy, for a long time without boredom.

7- Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3
Our abundant bloody fighting game is one of the games that makes Mortal Kombat a legend.

8- Road Rash 2
The action-packed racing game Road Rash's second game. Game Boy is also a favorite of the game. The lion's approach is a reduction, my pity.

9- Syndicate
Bullfrog Cyber-Punk game. The isometric action was among the best in the strategy game period.

10 – TMNT: The Hyperstone Heist
Ninja Turtles are talking about the times when good games were made.

11- Batman
Tim Burton's 1989 Batman-style game was the best Batman game for Mega Drive.

12- Out Run
The game in the LOTUS consistency was one of the best car races of Sega Mega Drive.

13- Lion King
Imagine a Disney movie where "Filmin game gets bad" is not real.

14- Mighty Morphin Power Rangers
At that time, all of us sat and watched Power Rangers like we were crazy, when we bought their toys.

15- Dahna: Megami Tanjou
In our country they sold this game's hacking under the name of Hercules

16- The Jungle Book
One of Disney's successful adaptations. Mogli is crazy.

17- Toy Story
The Toy Story was among the games I liked to play this game with.

18- Asterix and the Power of the Gods
Asterix and Obelix fix me up at the top of Sega.

19- Animaniacs
Although the game of Animaniacs is very unknown, it was a game I loved quite a lot.

20- Aaahh!!! Real Monsters
Aaahh from Nickelodeon's legendary cartoons !!! Real Monsters successfully adapted to Mega Drive.

International Superstar Soccer Deluxe
I did not want to include this game in the queue. Because I do not want to list this game. We can call Pro Evolution Soccer and Winning Eleven as the basis for this soccer game in which Turkey is also included.
I end this article with Sega Mega Drive / Genesis games. In the next article I will be entering Game Boy.

What are your legendary Sega games from your mind?
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i am latif devotee of retro and outside the box diversions and you are right in saying that copying keeps things alive.

Most amusements old fashioned diversions have moved to versatile, prime illustration is the SNK recreations. On the off chance that it was not for imitating I would not play comix zone once more.

We likewise have distinctive desires from imitated recreations in comparasion to new amusements.

It could go from difficulty,gameplay, gaming material science and explansions ..

Additionally copying keeps the sentimentality alive. Which is the reason regardless I play The legend of dragoon a PS1 title that we are currently ready to play on later Playstations.

action game!


Another quality post



Nice post

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I love emulation so much that I love to have an arcade cabinet-pc combo full of arcade emulated games when I recovered. If the Steem ever rises as the Steemit fanboys here have promised.


I am a huge fan of retro and indie games and you are correct in saying that emulation keeps things alive.

Most games old school games have moved to mobile, prime example is the SNK games. If it was not for emulation I would not be playing comix zone again.

We also have different expectations from emulated games in comparasion to new games.

It could range from difficulty,gameplay, gaming physics and explansions ..

Also emulation keeps the nostalgia alive. Which is why I still play The legend of dragoon a PS1 title that we are now able to play on later Playstations.

Great post man! Love you YT videos too :D

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Serious most of these days what i do is go online look for a good sega or nes game to play via my emulator i so much miss my childhood back then not much graphic like today it would d be great if emulators could support 2 players on mobile phone probably via bluetooth connection or wifi imagine playing Ultimate Motal Kombat via a 2 player mode on mobile phone rather than on pc then you can play with friends anywhere and anytime and the aspect of sega continuous remaking of a particular game is kinda frustrating e.g Sonic different names but same gameplay

I have every nes snes game on my WII and is very cheap and easy.

Very Nice Post. Follow Me @andrisyahreza

Very good article, I love emulators :)

I agree with you. Emulators are awesome and I wish more developers saw the value in reformatting old games.

A quick search of your favorite search engine can yield a number of good resources for getting the best emulators for PC, Mac, Android, and iOS. Keeps retro gaming alive and well.

Why they are not working for a remake of snatcher. Its good game and hope they will.


i Know

Thank you for this post, I was actually thinking of making a post about emulation as I use emulator on my vita, just thought it's not allowed because people might think I'm promoting piracy but you Sir clarified it with your post. Thank you.