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One of my all-time favorite games is not Final Fantasy 7. In fact my favorite game ever released on the PlayStation was probably Metal Gear Solid. But Final Fantasy 7 was the game to play on the PlayStation and all of my friends loved it and considered it to be the best RPG that ever came out on the system until well Final Fantasy 9 came out. But that's not to say that Final Fantasy 7 is bad. It's not, it's very good and a lot of people really like it. For the longest time the only option to play the game on new systems was the 2012 PC version. With a Final Fantasy 7 HD remake on the horizon let’s go back and look at specifically the Steam release of the most recent PC version of the game and how it improved over the original PlayStation version.


Now a long time ago there was a PC version released by Eidos Interactive back in the ‘90s but surely this isn’t the same game right? And that big adventure across three CD ROMs has been reduced down to a single download on Steam and ladies and gentlemen I couldn't be happier. I did like the original Final Fantasy 7 and although it wasn't my favorite game it surely was one of the ones that stood out the most with its cinematic backgrounds, wonderful score and great characters. Final Fantasy 7 was a game that really gave you a reason to own the original PlayStation. Now while I can’t say that it's the best RPG ever released on the PlayStation, that of course goes to Final Fantasy 9 because most people consider that to be one of the greatest RPGs ever made, I will say that Final Fantasy 7 is definitely one of those games that you should go back and play because well it's worth it. Now I know a lot of you are going to be claiming Square Enix is doing a cash grab. Well yeah they are. They're a business they need to make money and the amount of money that they're asking for the Steam release is a hell of a lot cheaper than actually going out and buying an original copy of Final Fantasy 7 on the PlayStation.


They've been so faithful to the original release of Final Fantasy 7 that I've got no reason to complain. It's pretty much the exact same release so everything that you loved about the original PlayStation release including the music is exactly the same. The only things that have been altered have been things like resolution so now you can run the game at a resolution that's actually high, you know like 1080p. And what's cool about that is all the jaggies and little creases and pixels on the character models in 3D disappear. It's like a nice ironing out. In fact they were so faithful to the original Final Fantasy 7 release on PlayStation that they even have the exact same frame rate and I know that might seem a little bit off to some people but it's impressive that they were actually able to replicate the exact same distinctive feel of the PlayStation release. Now I know a lot of you are going to be complaining that they didn't upgrade the actual codecs of the original Final Fantasy 7 video files and that I think is just a product of time. I can't imagine that Square Enix actually has the original rendering files for Final Fantasy 7 from all those years ago so that's just something we're going to have to live with. When the Final Fantasy 7 Remake finally gets released that's when we'll get something that's a lot sharper and a lot crisper. We'll actually see improvements over the game but for now this is quite possibly the best version of Final Fantasy 7 released to date.


Now while I know a lot of you own the original Final Fantasy 7 and wouldn't sell it that's fine but for me at least this one does replace the PlayStation version just because of the few improvements that it has and that's pretty much it. If you didn't like the original Final Fantasy 7 this version isn't going to change your mind. It's the exact same experience with a couple of improvements. And achievements don't make a game better. Let's not even get into that. So Final Fantasy 7 on Steam is pretty much exactly like the PlayStation release and you know what? I'm okay with that. I know a lot of people are going to complain about not having improved visuals or a better kind of save system. Who cares? This is the original release that was on the PlayStation coming back at you on another system and this version is going to last a hell of a lot longer than the original PlayStation release. Now it's true while I didn't play Final Fantasy 7 all that much when I was a kid it's nice to see this game come back. You know what else would be nice? Having Metal Gear Solid come out again on PC. I mean there was a PC version of that released in 2000, why not have it rereleased again huh? Konami are you listening to me? Square did it why can't you? It just blows my mind it's like you guys hate money. I can't even understand you at all sometimes my god.

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Another game review again from @rerez that ive always waiting for :) thumbs up sir


Thanks for the up vote! :D

aren't they remaking ff7?


they are for the new generation of consoles however theres a rumour that they will release the game in different parts meaning you will have to pay $60 everytime the new part comes out


Yup, the remake may or may not be good but you'll always have the original. This is why I'm happy to see them re-release the original game.

Good review. I have the original, and this just made me want to dust off the old playstation.

I played the crap out of that game, even grinding everyone to max them out and clear every boss.

I may bring it out of storage this weekend.

Now, if I only knew where the memory cards are...


Ever beat Ruby? :D

Wow this review is awesome


Thanks! It's a bit of an older video but I think it's still as relevant today as it was when I made it.


Yes is relevant

This looks amazing I was a huge ff7 fan as a kid!

good comparison, i'm looking forward to the PS4 remake hopefully they get the chance to remake FF8 too

final fantasy IX steam edition is pretty nice too.