If Steemit was a gaming console :)

in gaming •  2 years ago  (edited)


Hello Steemit, I've made this animation just as an exercise in Cinema 4d and After Effects. If Steemit was a gaming console this could have been the intro for it.
All it needs now is a SEGA like audio tune :D

I hope you like it, you can expect this kind of content in my future posts.



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Svaka cast :D Jel mogu ja to koristiti za svoje postove ? :D

Ej hvala ti! Radit cu ih ubuduce vise pa ti slobodno jednog proslijedim :) Ovog cu zadrzati zasad za sebe :D

Samo naprid, kad napravis javi pa cemo te i reklamirati malo :)

Vrhunski :D

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Kul :)