Apex Legends Ps4 Gaming Review

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Great humor with unique characters ("legends"), brings a fun micro-storyline & fanhoods trash-talking all but "their guy".

Playing APEX Legends is a double-edged sword - on the one hand, it feels like dropping into a gladiatorial Colosseum on some realistic sci-fi world. On the other hand, if you don't start playing now, it's only going to get bigger & add more mods/maps/legends...it's already hard due to an unforgiving engine & honestly some game balance issues. My only note on balance (which they're actively fixing & patching, thanks and kudos!):

  1. New player balance: I've noticed that the same realism I personally enjoy is really a barrier for some new players (even if they've played other royale games). The physics engine is much less forgiving than most when it comes to aim, causing most Legends' hitboxes to require pinpoint accuracy to do actual/serious damage. Game balance is a huge turn-off for a lot of new players I've seen (really anyone who didn't start when Apex first came out). Unless you're playing with someone who's played before, it's next to impossible to learn even just the very basics ("hey, grab a shield already!!!!!") unless you're willing to spend several dozen hours repeatedly jumping/dying in under 5 minutes/rinse/repeat until you get patient squad mates or a team that carries you while you figure out what on earth is going on.

  2. Abandonment Penalty (pre-launch): There's almost no real consequence to abandoning your sqad prior to launch (sometimes people have legit reasons of course, but not that often), and reporting players seems to be an off-and-on option (or I just don't see where to do it). For understandable competitive reasons, not only new players but anyone trying out a new legend often get abandoned pre-launch when they see your low stats. There is only 1 map everyone already knows like the back of their hand, but no sandbox area to try out legends/tactical abilities, no shooting range to learn what parts you need for which guns, basically getting yourself to the point where APEX is enjoyable is much like teaching your kids how to swim by throwing them into the ocean as many times as it takes.

Still, addictive hours of fun & battle royale :)
"Sound good to me, compadre! Scootin' & lootin'..."

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Hello there @rakz, this is a nice review. I really love playing games. Thanks for contributing to realityhubs. I hope to receive another review from you soon.

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