The Dollar Loot Bundle : 21 games for only 1$

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Link to the bundle :
Time remaining : 26 days

Bundle Stars made a new bundle some days ago that contains 21 games + 4 DLCs. Don't get me wrong, most of them are shovelwares as usual with such bundles, but checking at the bundle's page I was pleasantly surprised to see that a little part of them was actually decent. Don't expect too much of them but you could probably spend an hour or more on some of my picks. Here is the list of all the games included in this bundle, the ones you should take a look at are at the top.

  • Bloodbath Kavkaz

This game is a Hotline Miami clone but despite what those kind of games usually are, this one is pretty decent. It is easier than Hotline Miami and playing it brings a lot of fun. The translation is kinda good for a Dagestan game. It also comes with the Khovan Revenge DLC.
  • EM: Shader Attack

A pretty good Arkanoid/Breakout inspired game with cool effects. The perfect kind of game to play while listening to some audio books or podcasts.
  • Invasion

This game is actually kinda fun. You have to go from level to level by killing aliens. Aliens you kill loot money that can be used to either buy new weapons or upgrade your gear. The big flaw of the game is the sound design which will give you headache if you play it too long. Don't watch the trailer if you are subject to epileptic crisis !
  • Life Beetle

I have not played it that much so take my recommandation with a grain of salt. The graphics outside of the puzzles look good and the puzzles I solved so far were fun. Don't expect to play it for long though since it can get finished in about 15 minutes.
  • Sig.NULL

Sig.NULL is a pretty good puzzle game with really hard puzzles to solve. You have to push boxes around to put them on their specific place. The twist is that moving one box will move all the other boxes to the same direction if there is nothing blocking their way.
  • Space Incident

Really cool concept of story telling. You are the AI and you start without knowing anything about the situation. You watch the astronauts do their job like if it was an ant-farm and guide them whenever they need to speak to you.
  • Stigmat

Stigmat is my favorite game out of this list. I discovered this game one year ago and really enjoyed playing it. It's a hardcore platformer where you have to avoid getting killed by lasers, spikes, time, etc. You will die a lot, I must have died about 500 times before finishing the game.

  • Absoloot

A 2D fighting game with different heroes, each with its own weapon. This game has the potential to be a good game if you play with your friends on a local network. Sadly, the multiplayer is empty and there aren't that many gamemodes/maps to play.
  • Alien Run

Alien Run was a disappointment to me because I actually had faith in it before playing. The graphic style was pleasing and the simple gameplay of switching between 3 lanes seemed fun. However, the awful music in loop and the failed perspective made the game unfair.
  • Anykey Simulator

In this game, you have to repair and build computers. The difficulty increases extremely fast however and the game fails to explain in an understandable way how its mechanics work. It immediately makes the game frustrating to play.
  • Darconika: The Cube of Soul

I tried so hard to understand the story, but the broken english was way too hard to read for me to follow what was happening. This game is what people call a visual novel but with really limited choices.
  • Inverted

The gameplay is very similar to the one of VVVVVV with the twist that you can also jump. It would have been a good game if not for the latence in every action you make which makes the game unplayable.
  • Lost In Woods 2

Couldn't test it because of a black screen that I couldn't get rid of.
  • Minimized

Minimized is a FPS with a retro style to it. Personally not my type of game, but it could interest some of you.
  • One Star

A very bad space shooter game. The controls are awful and you will struggle to shoot any ship because of that.
  • PixBit

It's basically Super Crate Box but bad.
  • Russian Horror Story

A visual novel with really bad graphics. I'm not into these kind of games at all so I didn't play long enough but, if I look at people's recommandations, I see it's an OK game.
  • Spakoyno: Back to the USSR 2.0

A visual novel set in the late USSR that has really bad reviews. I didn't test this game because of its genre that I really dislike.
  • Squeezone

Defend a diamond against waves of enemies that come your way, at the end of every wave you can upgrade your weapons to prepare for the next wave. It could have been a fun game if it wasn't for the gun that can't shoot at 360° but can instead only shoot in the 8 primary directions. The graphics are not that bad but the gameplay is.
  • Under Zero

If I understood correctly, this game is supposed to be a survival game in which you control a girl that stranded on an island. You follow the steps of someone who apparently disappeared and conveniently left notes on the ground. The voice actors' accents are way too bad to understand anything and the creature you are supposed to be scared of is way too predictible.
  • Wolf Simulator

Another game that tries to surf on the simulator hype without succeeding. Wolf Simulator is a game as boring as it could be, with awful graphics and very limited gameplay mechanics. It's also very laggy and misses animations.

Nearly all the games presented in this post were tested by myself for at least more than 5 minutes (which feels like hours when you play a bad game). If you don't believe me, search for them on my Steam library
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Oof, wow, a survivor.

I've tried to find gems in the absurd and weird of 1c virtual bins, steam sales and the such, but oh, they just hurt too much.


Yeah, they are so rare to find but they are there. You've just got to dig long enough !

I love BundleStars, especially recently since they started with dollar bundles. Even if the games are not that great, usually, there are some gems out there.


I totally agree, those dollar bundles are overlooked by most users of Bundle Stars sadly.


Most gamers don't consider those smaller and less known games, they really shoudl give them a chance.

Thanks for trawling through such a huge list! A few of these games look really intriguing!


No problem, thanks for taking a look at this post !