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Hey guys and gals it's r8gamez here bringing you yet another great gaming blog and although today it's gonna be a quick blog, don't forget to UPVOTE and FOLLOW for more great blogs in the future.


So let's get into it everyone, who here remembers Skyrim because I certainly didn't until earlier today when I blew the dust off an old Xbox 360 and jumped on the fabulous ancient Skyrim elder scrolls and played away into the vast lands of elves, dwarves and goblins and wow is it fun, just like with the slime rancher blog I will keep you updated as I play along and keep you on the receiving end of all the funniest, wackiest and craziest things that happen whilst I play.
That's all from me guys and gals stay tuned for more.


I never played the original Skyrim but I did pick up the Remaster on PS4 and that game was bad ass. I really enjoyed the game and man the sheer amount of content was incredible. It was also nice that the Remaster came with all of the DLC so I got to play the complete story.

Skyrim is one of the game I'd never forget even if my brother who played it not me.

@ahmadmanga thats good and yeah its one of my favorites too and hey dont forget to upvote and follow

You should try telling us what you like about Skyrim. It'll be nice to get to know your personality. ^_^

Will do thanks for giving some feedback

One of my favorite games upvoted and followed

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