CoD WW2 Beta Update

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Hey guys and gals im just updating all of you that the call of duty beta for the new CoD is back online for its second weekend with an early drop on PlayStation from its 12pm Friday original open beta day, its a great game and i reccomend all play, it now has 2 different rocket launchers added, a skin variant for each division E.G. Infantry or Airborne, the max level cap is now 30 from 25 and best of all they have added a new map which is a small town in west Germany in which you can fight your enemy's head on through broken houses on the left or right with objects to take cover and play strategically or just run and gun, or alternatively run straight down the middle lane to the other side of the street but watch out for snipers which can be sitting in the inside of what seems to be a blown up bus.

Anyway thanks for reading everyone and definitely get this game its worth the money and time, and if you read one of my early blogs you'll know that i talked about how this game is the only chance to revive the call of duty series and now i would like to say they have done just that by going back to basics and made the basics sooooooo amazing, well in my opinion so peace and don't forget to drop a COMMENT, UPVOTE and most importantly FOLLOW, also RESTEEM for your chance to win half of the reward on this post.


Great. Thanks for sharing. I'm starting to follow you.

@capari just glad to have great bloggers like you follow thx

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