CoD WW2 BETA !!!

in #gaming7 years ago

Hey guys and gals its r8gamez here bringing you yet another gaming blog and today i'm talking about the recently released Call Of Duty World War 2 Private Beta, yes its one hell of a long name for a game but apparently that is the name and i do not care what the name is because what a game it is.

I have been playing the Beta access since I pre-ordered it only a few hours ago and currently I have reached max level on the beta of rank 25, i have used near enough all guns and i must say i am impressed with exceptional level of detail put into them and historically accurate traits, i have reached level 3 on both infantry and airborne and played all game modes, with my favorite being the new objective based game mode 'War'.

As always i will keep you all updated as more content is hopefully released in the beta and hope you all leave a comment, up-vote and a cheeky little follow.


Nice post dude!! I need to look into this game some more forsure!!

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