New World - I'll just log on for one little thing...

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Aah New World... still plenty buggy, always a surprise what will break after an update... but it keeps sucking me back in.

About a week ago, the Trading post was re-activated. All of the trading posts in all of the towns are now connected, so we can much more easily buy and sell stuff now. A pretty welcome change on a server that's... quite devoid of a good population (but also devoid of toxic players or iron stealers, so I still love it).

So! A few days ago, I hop back online, just to check the trading post and start selling some of my stuff. Ofcourse, when I log on, I check the town board missions aswell, to see if there are some easy things to hand in. So I grab some missions, find out that I'm missing a few ingredients I can easily get just outside of town and just go do that real quick.

While I'm out there, I might aswell chop up some stones. I might just get lucky, you know? Find an ingredient I can use to make new bags with the Extra pockets perk (which seems to be the best perk if you want to hold many things). So I chop up some stones and well... might aswell chop up some more... and then I find the ingredient!


I'm happy now, I can make a new bag! So I'll just travel over to Everfall real quick, because that's my crafting town and my storage there holds all the materials I need to craft my super awesome new bag. I'll just pay my house taxes for fast travel, because they are low now anyway. Maybe I'll play some more this week, since the taxes are paid now...

So, I check out the tailoring crafting station to see if I have all of the materials. I do! I can even make a bigger bag than I thought, so that's cool! Except... this bigger bag needs a higher tier crafting station and I guess they've neglected to work on Everfall's upkeep or upgrades, so I can't craft my bag here.


So I sigh and I open up my map, checking out every town to see the level of their tailoring crafting stations. Windsward seems to have one on tier 5. Well, I have a house there... so I'll just pay those taxes aswell, since they're so cheap now and I've already paid for Everfall aswell, so I'll definitely play more this week, since two of my houses are paid for...

So I pay my taxes, grab the supplies I need from my Everfall bank, double-check if I have everything and move over to Windsward to craft my super awesome bag. I select my Extra pockets perk, pop in extra Azoth to make sure the bag will be the awesomest bag it can be and I almost press the craft button. Almost.

Didn't I have an earring with +5 armoring in my bank here?

Well, surely if I have that earring in my bank, instead of wearing it, my bag won't be the awesomest bag it can be, now will it? So I walk over to the bank, grab the earring, put it on and then I remember I have armoring buff food aswell. Already made and in my bag! So I eat the food and return to the crafting station. Now completely ready to craft my awesomest bag of all the bags.


Now that is a pretty awesome bag!

Bag crafted, I notice my buff food and start thinking... It would be a shame to let this buff go to waste... I still have a lot of high end material waiting for me in Everfall to level up my armoring... Might aswell do that now!

So! I pay Azoth to refresh my home travel option and I go back to Everfall. I craft 16 heavy gloves with Azoth boost, to try and find a nice upgrade for myself (and fail). I also craft light and medium armor, just to finish my materials while having the best shot at making armor that actually sells on the trading post. I sort through all of it, put some items up for sale on the trading post and save some for hubby. My armoring is now 5 points higher.

With all of my crafting materials gone and all of my azoth gone, I am now back to square one. The next day, I hop on to just gather some random materials and hey, while I'm out, I'll just chop some stones again, since that went so well the last time. After chopping some more stones, I now have two more Extra pocket items... To make super awesome bags with... If only I hadn't just used up all of my high end crafting materials...

So now! I have to go out there again! To gather a HUGE amount of materials! To make two more super awesome bags!

I'm not sure whether I love this game or hate it...

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I think this game would melt my graphics card if i am being honest

You definitely love the game, and some things about the game that you don't like you take as a challenge to keep going. Thank you for sharing this great experience.

I like this type of game, since we have to analyze very well what we are going to do, the decisions that are made affect our game in the future. Greetings.

Many times I like game bugs because some of them benefit us and we can take advantage of them, but all this excitement comes to an end when they release a patch for that bug. Although to tell the truth the vast majority take advantage of these bugs.

Before moving on to any commercial matter you have to analyze the pros and cons, as you demonstrate doing so as not to fall into bankruptcy. Greetings.

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