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It's release day for World of Warcraft's Battle for Azeroth!


I did not stay up for this. Launch time was at 12 in the evening and I'm not okay with losing a night's sleep. Even though I remember the playable release of Legion, I also remember less perfect release days where it's really hard to play, so I figured sleep was more important. It allows me to play all day today instead.

Though as we speak, my server has just shut down and I'm waiting for it to go back up again.

So this morning, I started out doing the Lordaeron battle thingy to get my Battle for Azeroth quests started.


Many enemies!

I'm not too happy with our warchief, but what can you do! I am still horde. And well honestly... she does look awesome.


It's all about the looks!

So, I finished that campaign and then I got to start on getting an awesome new necklace. It was a simple quest. Here's my character holding her awesome amulet:


I wish I could tell you more, but I haven't gotten any further than this yet.

Well, my warchief called me to arms, but I didn't start that yet, due to the impending server shutdown.


Shhh, don't tell anyone, but I have to infiltrate Stormwind...

Once the servers are back online that is! Seems they are doing restarts now, so it shouldn't take too long.

And with that said, I will leave you and get ready for my infiltration mission.

Time to get that catsuit out of the closet!

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I heard WoW got really bad latley, started making no sense and horrible plots that experienced gamers hate. I'm still hoping for a Warcraft 4 someday.


Hmm, I'll have to be completely honest here and tell you I don't really follow the plots all that much! I was pretty hooked back in burning crusade and wrath of the lich king, so I enjoy returning to the game now and then and seeing the new places :-)

I played free until lvl 20, I'm on the Alliance side though. :P


I started out as alliance, moved over to horde for friends though and now, I love my blood elfs too much to leave them behind :D

I still have a character on WoW somewhere that owns a guild. Let me know if you want to have it (and explain to me how to transfer 8-).


Class and level of characters?


I actually own a dead guild by now too! The members have scattered across different servers and other games by now. I'll stick with my own, thanks for the offer though! :D

So far it has been somewhat lackluster for me. I just wish they did not disable in-game screenshots during some of the cutscenes as they are always so wonderful. I went crazy taking a lot but most never were taken.

I really loved the into missions those are always the best for any WoW expansion.

I’m really hoping there some good crafting this expansion. I’ve not done too much research into it. So far the gathering markets on the server I’m on have not been that great. New ores selling for almost as cheap as felsite!

Will be interesting to see how the AP grinding goes this time around. I just hope we don’t end up at a point of needing billions of it just to level up.

I hope you are having lots of fun!


I went crazy taking a lot but most never were taken.

Me too! I thought it was my own fault for switching out towards my browser in the meanwhile...

So far the gathering markets on the server I’m on have not been that great. New ores selling for almost as cheap as felsite!

Yeah, it's been a little disappointing for me too. I dropped my gathered mats on the AH asap, figuring many people would want them for crafting, driving up the prices, but not really :-(

I'm having fun with my mage! Back in WotLK I though I'd never switch mains, because I loved shadowpriest so much, but they kinda ruined that for me in Legion... I'll try her again some day soon, but from what I can see, it's not much better yet.