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Piracy? Nah, building is the way to go!

Playfulfoodie Atlas game gaming

As you might have noticed, I have not been active in the blogging department. I talked about this before, so I won't bore you with it again. Basically: work means I'd rather do some gaming in my time off. And gaming I did! Have done! Am still doing!

My current game of choice is Atlas. The piracy survival game. Basically, the pirate version of Ark, but with a much bigger world to sail over.

There have been some issues with this game. Many issues. The proper thing to say here is It's still in Early Access! It can still be annoying though. There are regular updates for the game and honestly, there have been big improvements. Sure, lagging when fighting off a wolf or lion isn't ideal, but there's not as much out there trying to kill you as there was at the start. I'm able to survive perfectly fine now.

I've done some sailing, but honestly, the dangers of sailing are quite stressful for me! Evil ghost ships that want to sink my ship are frustrating and cyclones during a storm make me say not-so-nice things about the game. So not too much sailing for me.

Landlubber Playfulfoodie gets a lot more enjoyment out of building!

After the most recent server wipe, I quickly re-claimed my alley in a castle town over on the biggest island of the A11 part of the map. It's a nice little area which you can easily close off so you can let your animals roam free. I managed to re-build my original home (more or less) and even managed to make sure the castle courtyard would stay free of huge buildings that block everyone else from getting to the discovery point. Yay for me!

Playfulfoodie Atlas game gaming

After some time, I decided to branch out. I started scouting the island and looking for nice places to build. I found a nice little lake and build myself a small lake house and later on, I found a big cliff to build a home on. the views are spectacular!

Playfulfoodie Atlas game gaming

It has nice sunsets too.

Playfulfoodie Atlas game gaming

The cliff house has a barn build right next to it for my animals. There's a ladder for easy access when you come back from the beach.

Playfulfoodie Atlas game gaming

And ofcourse there's a couple of chairs up on the balcony. Gotta be able to enjoy those views!

Playfulfoodie Atlas game gaming

After the cliff house, I went scouting again and found a nice space right on the water with some old buildings I was able to demolish. I cleared out most of the area and I'm waiting to demolish a shipyard that's in my way still. I should be able to demolish it tomorrow, so all of the water will be free (except for one boat parked there, but I don't mind that).

I started building a home here and am pretty happy with the results so far!

Playfulfoodie Atlas game gaming

This is the front of the house with a couple of painted chairs to enjoy the views of the grasslands.

Playfulfoodie Atlas game gaming

The inside of the house is packed with everything I need, but still pretty cute I think! I love the paint job on the table and chairs.

Playfulfoodie Atlas game gaming

The bedroom upstairs is awesome with all of the windows and the sea views!

Playfulfoodie Atlas game gaming

And next to the painted bookcase is the backdoor.

Playfulfoodie Atlas game gaming

The backdoor leads to a big deck with a campfire, a grill and a table with some chairs.

Playfulfoodie Atlas game gaming

From here you can either go down to the shipyard, or go up to my second cliff platform.

Playfulfoodie Atlas game gaming

So far, that platform is empty, as is the stone cliff right above of it, but I'm planning on building there too. Just waiting for inspiration to hit me!

Playfulfoodie Atlas game gaming

As you can see, I've been pretty busy there! Honestly, I got inspired to do better at home building after watching the town one of the other companies on our map created:

Breedy Bunch Atlas game

The Breedy Bunch has been hard at work to create a big port town on our island. They've also been breeding bears like crazy! They've got a whole army of them!

My company is a company of two, so not much gets done other than my own buildings. I'm enjoying it a lot, though I gotta say, the 2x bonus weekend was a big help in building my beach home and the wooden docks next to it. I'm hoping for more of those bonus weekends soon!

Oh, and in other news, although I haven't been blogging, I have been designing. I made a couple of really cool designs and should share them all some day, but lacking the will to do so right now, I'll just give a little preview of one:

GamerGirl Gamer Girl shirt Playfulfoodie

It's available in my Redbubble shop (without the logo ofcourse).

I hope you're all doing well!

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Oh, wow, the textures are so good. When I saw the small image before clicking on the post, I thought it was a real photo. Then I realised it was ingame. Those are pretty good graphics.

Yeah, the game looks really good! :D

You're alive! At least in a virtual pirate world you are 😎.

Good to see you again around here.

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