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RE: Backlog Impressions | Sydney Hunter & The Curse of the Mayan

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Thanks for reading! I think the visual quality is a matter of perspective. Is it a realistic powerhouse that showcases how far technology has come? Absolutely not! But, CollectorVision's goal was to emulate the look of a game found on a classic gaming console. In that regard, I think they did a fantastic job! That being said, I also think there's merit in the 2D/sprite based aesthetic. Like all forms of artistic expression, it requires skill, experience and knowledge to execute designs at a high level! Especially in an interactive environment that also requires the animations of dozens on objects with variable and contextual states. And just because there isn't a 3D polygon in sight, that approach should be appreciated as an individual artistic style. Otherwise, it would be like comparing apples to oranges. They're both fruit, but they're both very different.

I think a good question to ponder would be - Did they execute this particular style well? How does it compare to games of the same style? How about the games that inspired it? And is it modernized in anyway that improved upon those inspirations?


You're right I should have thought more! Ideally, I would have thought about the last thing you indicated, that is, 2D technology was rightly used ... or is the game attractive and creative?
Thank you for your kind comment.

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