What Weapon I Use For Each Map

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(Credit: Dexerto.com)

In BO4 each map is different, and they thus require different weapons for each map. For each person, it will be different, because every person plays certain maps individually. This is not what I always use for this map, but this is my most commonly used combos.

Summit: Mog-12
Morroco: Titan
Firing Range: Saug 9mm
Ice Breaker: Koshka
Hacienda: Swordfish/Titan
Jungle: Koshka
Nuketown: Mog-12/Saug 9mm
Frequency: Swordfish
Arsenal: Koshka/Swordfish
Militia: Saug 9mm/Titan
Contraband: Titan
Slums: Saug 9mm/Maug-12
Seaside: Mog-12
Payload: KN-57
Gridlock: Saug 9mm

May the lord bless you all!

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy all of my future content!

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