The Most Annoying Attachment (And How To Counter It)

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Black Ops 4 is currently my favorite game, and I think Treyarch & Activision do a exemplary job of taking out annoying things. They took the 9-bang out of Blackout and nerfed it in multiplayer, and they also made ajax's shield harder to earn. However even though they did this, there are some things that are annoying no matter what. One of these things is the SG-12 strobe light attachment.

The strobe light is an operator mod for the SG-12 shotgun that blinds and disorientates opponents. I wouldn't say that part of it is overpowered, because all you have to do is aim right at the strobe light and shoot, but it is very annoying. Even if you get distracted by it for a second, that one second is all it takes for your enemy to shoot you twice and kill you with it.

It also removes your aim assist that you normally have. When you are strafing with a weapon you usually have some aim assist which brings your reticle closer to the enemy, typically giving you a couple extra shots that connect. If you happen to be facing a strobe light user, aim assist taken off and you no longer have any aim assist whatsoever. That is the part that really makes it overpowered.

May the lord bless you all!

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy all of my future content!

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