One Of My Favorite Class Setups (Overpowered)

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Image Credit: Call of duty wiki

Class setup (CP = Class Point)

Primary: Mozu (1 CP) + Combat Scope (1 CP) + Skull Splitter (2 CP)

Secondary: MOG 12 (1 CP) + Choked Barrel (1 CP)

Perks: Gung-Ho (1 CP), (No perks if Combat Axe is equipped)

Wild-Cards: Underkill, Primary Operator Mod

Gear: Stim Shot (1 CP), Combat Axe (1 CP), (If Gung-Ho is equipped, no Combat Axe)

I finally unlocked the Mozu not too long ago, and it is one of my favorite weapons. It isn't a viable weapon until you equip the skull slitter operator mod to it. This makes the weapon become a one-hit kill to the head. If you use a scope with this, it becomes even better.

I am having a great time using this weapon alongside the MOG-12 shotgun. I use the MOG with the choked barrel attachment. I use the MOG for close range and the Mozu for long range, making this a set-up for all ranges!

The rest depends on whether or not I want to do well or just mess around and have fun. If I am just wanting to mess around than I will equip the combat axe. If I am going to try to get a higher KD than I will equip a few perks.

May the lord bless you all!

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy all of my future content!

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