I Discovered A New Overpowered Weapon in B04

in #gaming4 years ago

I have been using snipers, SMGs, shotguns, handguns and everything in between, however I have only recently been trying out the LMGs. I pleasantly discovered after one day of playing with the Titan that it is ridiculously overpowered. Using that vs. using other weapons bumps my KD up a significant amount.

If you use the NVIR (thermal scope) with it, it becomes even better. The other two must have attachments are quickdraw and stock. If you are going to run a secondary then you can feel free to go without quickdraw or even without stock, but I would keep those attachments on indefinitely.

The strength of this weapon is how spectacular it is for taking out lots of enemies at once. It is a long/medium range monster, and considering that the health in this COD is 150, it is no small accomplishment to be able to take out multiple enemies with ease.

May the lord bless you all!

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy all of my future content!

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