3 Of The Most Fun COD Weapons

in #gaming4 years ago

Call of Duty can be pretty entertaining to get some trickshots or great plays with if you have the right weapon. These are the 5 weapons that are the best for cool plays, one shot kills, or just purely for having fun.

#1: Koshka With Laser Sight: You have to be a pretty high level and a high level for the Koshka for this, however when you finally get the laser sight it is fantastic. For the most part your bullet goes exactly straight when you are hip-firing (no-scoping). This is amazing for hitting no-scopes, but it is actually practical too, because it gives so much smaller cross-hair as well.

#2: Saug 9mm: If you use dual wield with these pistols it is an amazing amount of fun. They are really easy to use, making them a proficient weapon if you aren't the best player. If you can manage to level up your Saug enough this is a great one to use.

#3: SG-12 Shotgun: The SG-12 is a bad weapon in my opinion, but with the strobe light it can be a extremely fun weapon to use. The strobe light pretty much blinds your opponent.

May the lord bless you all!

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy all of my future content!

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