Fighting for Your Rights – Titans can Fall

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Right now who can ignore the large crowds protesting in the four corners of the world. It would be easy to think the digital realm has little to nothing in common with those protests, but in reality most of them are organized through social media and an interconnected world – one that has come to unravel and understand the unfair strings pulling in the background.

The link with cryptocurrencies may not seem clear, yet when comprehending the Peer-to-Peer technology behind many crypto projects, readers should remind themselves of the meaning and potential of such concepts. May it be ICOs or IEOs, the very foundation of these projects rests on the cumulated participation of people. The digital world is a mere reflection of the current worldwide economical situation and for the most part, it isn't bright.   

However, for all those suffering from repression, there exists real solutions in this digital era. Basic rights might be ignored or crushed depending on the severity of the governing agents, but those repressive tactics can only occur because people are physically gathered together. Power has gained an enormous control over what is considered « the real world ». That control is nonetheless abysmal in the digital world. Anyone sitting behind their desk can impact an economical asset of an entire country – as long as many agree on a P2P mobilization. Calls for actions on Social Media is the illustration of that logic. By simply denying the use of a service such as Google, a super power could suffer serious financial consequences. Let alone if that denial of service targeted other major companies such as Youtube, Twitter and Facebook. These might seem like unreachable titans, but the reality of the matter is that they are simply leeching off of their users data and attention to survive. They are tools that are easily replaceable by other tools using the same concepts.

These collective actions have been seen in the gaming industry. EA, one of the major gaming titans out there, lost to a boycotting campaign and suffered significant loses because they abused of vulturing digital « Loot Boxes » tropes in Star Wars Battlefront II. Since then, EA shares have been plummeting. Some could say there are many reasons behind this situation, but it can be summarized by the result of losing the public's trust and abusing their users for so long that enough was enough. Whatever the case may be, it is clear that by organizing boycotting actions on a digital sector large repercussions are possible.

This power can be applied to fight many of the everyday titans and regain rights. Today, the digital world might seem disconnected from these concerns, but then again readers should investigate very closely the limits of their virtual rights. Orionix is partisan of communicating on these concerns and our team attempts to point out the flaws in the gaming industry. « Your value, your time » is our motto for that reason. PC gamers are perhaps the clearest example of digital rightlessness. They buy something that is bound to them and to which they have no right over. Once they have purchased this product, they cannot even resell it without violating terms of use of all the major digital gaming platforms. Forget any rights over the time they have spent on online games, the items they have acquired, or anything at all for that matter. They have no rights. They can be banned at the whim of administrators and lose the time and money they have invested one day to the next. The only salvation for gamers is the competition waiting in line to apply the same logic to them with variating sleights of hands that still end up eating away at their wallets just the same.

Orionix has no intention of acting as if these realities are not rotting away the reach for games in a future that isn't backing away from advancing further down the digital rabbit hole. We know and we will offer real alternatives, because that is the essence of Peer-to-Peer. 

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