Electronic Arts, Valve, Activision Blizzard and Take-Two as the giants of the video game universe. Where does Orionix stand on the spectrum?

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Fifa, Grand Theft Auto, Battlefield, Call Of Duty, CS:GO – names that all sound familiar right? This is just a short list representing all the games developed by 4 of the most prominent gaming holding companies in the world known as Activision Blizzard, Electronic  Arts, Valve and Take-Two. It is a well known fact that every dedicated gamer out there has interacted with either one of these companies’ productions in one way or another. Combined together, as of today all 4 companies hold a market cap of more than 90 Billion dollars. In addition to being leading contributors to what’s available on the market in terms of gaming apps, the corporations have also proven to draw robust attention and interest towards the majority of their products. This could be considered to be indicative for the tremendous growth that they have experienced. 

Here is a chart that reveals the exact numbers gaming stocks have soared by in the past years:

And here is another one that shows the steady revenue increase that Activision Blizzard keeps on facing from its global expansion:

Now, the question you might be asking yourself is where does Orionix stand in all this? What does an ICO have to do with these billion dollar companies that control the entire gaming marketplace whether it comes down to mobiles, consoles or PCs?

Well, we’re here to provide you with an explicit and clearly expressed answer. The answer is simple and it is “everywhere”. Everywhere because that’s what Orionix essentially bases its ideology on. Having a mainstream role with elite digital presence is the main mission our concept ties around. Every time a video game developer such as EA and Activision produces a game, it typically goes up on platforms such as steam, origin, ebay and amazon. Our role is to utilise these platforms efficiently and build partnerships that will allow the ORX coin to be used everywhere, be it in mobile games or Desktop apps as long as it is accessible from all parts of the world. Every time a customer buys a game, he deserves the most pleasant and favorable conditions. Orionix’s main objective is nothing different than to offer that and facilitate the transactions process for all parties.

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