Derping out in multiplayer Killing Floor

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Hi all.

Over the years of playing video games, I’ve had the extreme privilege to play a multitude of online games with an absolutely fantastic bunch of people.

When we got to know each other we did some fairly competitive sessions in a game called Armored Warfare, and after playing that in various leagues etc, we wanted to just have fun and hang out, and we just thought it would be fun to play some other online coop games. (By the way, don’t download AW, that’s just yet another Russian tank game, which "" managed to fudge properly up after a promising closed alpha.)

So we have done a lot of R6S and other squad-based games - and still do. There has been some truly memorable moments from that, but today, I want to share something from a much older game with you guys.

Any gamer out there will know the casual evening feeling. It’s just an evening to hang out, goof off and have some laughs with your buddies.
So, here is a vid I put together while we’re playing a fairly old game called Killing Floor. The footage is all mine, and edited by me. It’s taken from a twitch stream we did together, and yes, it’s unpublished up until now. So don’t get your knickers in a twist. Just watch and have a laugh. I know we had a grand time. If you don’t, that’s totally fine. If you do, then that’s just perfect, that’s the whole point! Enjoy!

Feel free to get in touch if you want to. Besides here, you can catch me on the following platforms (among others):
Twitch Twitter Youtube

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This is Northmountain, signing off. Bye-bye.


I'll be streaming Killing Floor 2 tomorrow night. Wanna join in?

That could be fun!

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