Custom Castle Defence (basics for noobs)

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If you are new to this game and you have no idea what you are doing, quit before you rage, or follow these easy tips.

Base: It is really important to set up a base as soon as possible. The best place to base is this area indicated on the map, it has 4-5 fenced areas to build you mills to get income. It is the best as it has only one entrance to the area and you can also build towers everywhere on the cliffs to defend the entrance.

InkedScreenshot (14)_LI.jpg

Hero: The hero is only as good as his skill set, but some heros have some really useful benefits for defending the base. One of these heros are shown below. Check out the skill set taken and copy it, also the 3 best passive abilities are critical strike, cleaving attack, and bash

Screenshot (33).png
Screenshot (38).png

During the game: As the game progresses the waves of creeps become harder and more random, keeping a steady flow of income is important as well as setting up stronger defences and upgrades. To be able to complete the game you will need to structure your base in such a way that you do not need your hero to defend it. This you can see in the first photo with the towers and walls.

Screenshot (44).png
Screenshot (45).png
Screenshot (46).png
Screenshot (47).png
Screenshot (48).png
Screenshot (49).png
Screenshot (50).png

End game: In the above images you will see each enemy. The problem is taking these bases out, each base has towers and a centre building. These buildings have high damage, but the main problem is what comes out once each building gets destroyed. Once you have destroyed all these enemy bases you will face the boss... he is really strong so make sure you are stronger before you destroy the last base.

Screenshot (56).png

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