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The Beta is soon to end and after playing a lot today with the guys we have finally managed to complete the game on the second difficulty... If you have played the game you would know how hard this is.

Screenshot (3).png

There seems to be a huge jump between the difficulties and not having cards, or a better card deck makes this even harder. Regrettably I had not had much time to upgrade my cards but the others who were playing with me have some pretty good decks.

Screenshot (4).png

Screenshot (5).png

As you can see we are still struggling to get to the first check point/ play point in the hardest difficulty with only a few hours left we have abandoned this quest.
Screenshot (6).png

I also would of loved to get to a new supply card unlock and gotten more cards as there is a nice one at the end of the next supply card line. Its the last card in the no surrender supply line.

Screenshot (7).png

Below is my stats for the run we finished.

Screenshot (1).png


I really wish I could of joined you guys. Maybe when alpha testing comes out I will join.

Hopefully there is alpha testing, if not I am sure there is other games you can play with us, what all do you play?

it looks pretty great, wish I hopped on the beta train ;)

help a brotha out

You got the links... you just decided not to join. ~RV

Back 4 Blood is an excellent co-op zombie shooter, with a card-based perk system and wonderfully satisfying gunplay building upon the fantastic foundations of the Left 4 Dead series. But if you’re planning on playing solo you may want to stay clear, with a design clearly optimised for multiplayer.

The Bad Points. Friendly AI Suck, Deck Card System Suck, Enemy AI Overpowered as heck, Weapons damage scale doesn't work, Corruption Cards Suck, Shop to buy supplies is random and useless, Playable Characters Suck, Difficulty of the Game BROKEN!, Online Multiplayer Sucks, Sole Campaign get no rewards SUCKS! and a whole lot a small problems with this game!

Now I could go into to detail with most of these points so i keep it to a few.

Bought this game to play 2 player. Playing though this game on recruit was actually fun until last two levels. Then playing on hard was just so bd. The Difficulty scale went to 100%. The AI bots are useless. Walking in front of you when shooting, getting hit by zombies and not shooting them or just ignoring you when you are down. The Deck cards offer very little help. Had to grind missions on recruit to get some good cards and they still don't help. The Enemy AI HOWEVER! BREAK THE GAME!

They grab you from miles away, spawn randomly behind and in front of you, Take 100's of bullets to kill one (EVEN if you hit the weak spot) after killing one 3 more can spawn. But wait there's more, they get armour and more mutations. Then you throw on corruption cards you cat turn OFF! (Great Mechanic), ADD in fog, bosses lots of Crows.

The game is so heavy on the RIDDEN being so strong it is so dull. The Multiplayer is built so the ridden win every time. There is very little skill on some runs you just rely on luck. Even playing campaign online with cross platform you find players stuck on the exact same levels.

But to top it off if you told me one of the L4D companies made this I would call you a liar. To even think of comparing this to L4D is laughable. L4D was 2008. This game is 13 Years older and it is very poor. But to add even more insult £60 for THIS? This game makes me so angry. At least other L4D style games weren't as difficult (World War Z). WWZ had turrets and traps and a weapon upgrade system. The enemies weren't as broken and this was £40.

I did enjoy this game but there is just too much wrong. Some patches and general game fixes would be nice. Make it easier for players trying to play the game.

1 star is pretty low but at the moment i cant get passed ACT 1 on Hard. Been in 30 odd lobbies with players all stuck same mission. All the deck cards aren't helping and the online multiplayer is terrible. So I can't play this game anymore. Why play when I cant progress. It just feels like I wasted £60 on another L4D remake failure

are you allowed to post a video?

Sadly no videos, but I can get something organized with the group. Won't be playing the game again till its on sale.

hello @noobtube,
Hopefully you're well. I just knocked you on discord. I hope you will reply very soon.

Thank you

thats unexpected

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