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Pokemon Duel is a interesting take on the franchise and brings you a top down board game filled with all your favorite Pokemon with a twist!

Pokemon Duel came out of nowhere to everyone’s surprise and people kept asking what kind of app did the Pokemon Company release. Is it a full fledged Pokemon game or some kind of Pokemon Go spinoff?

While Trainers were still captivated with Pokemon Sun and Moon and players working hard to catch’em all in Pokemon Go, The Pokemon Company was hard at work developing a game behind closed doors. But what is Pokemon Duel?

Reminiscent of fantasy style board games, duelists uses ‘decks’ consisting of Amiibo-like figurines to try and get to the opponent's goal and win the match. While doing so, these figures have Move Points, or MP, to determine how many steps they can take. Different figures have different MP and stats, so strategy is key.

As you traverse the board, you’ll run into your opponent's Pokemon triggering a duel! Unlike the main series where you’d take turns picking moves and items, Pokemon Duel gives each figure a wheel to spin. In that wheel, attacks, status changes and ‘misses’ are various sizes on the wheel and can be upgraded as you progress. You tap to stop the wheel and the player who lands on the highest attack knocks out the enemy figure. When a figure it ‘knocked out’, it’s placed into a ‘graveyard’ called the Pokemon Center and is only released when two other figures are knocked out, taking it’s place.

With many Pokemon figures with various stats, boosts and rarity to add to your deck, duels will require more strategy as the game progresses and it can get pretty intense.

The visuals are what to expect on mobile games now a days. The Pokemon models look sleek and great. Although the Pokemon themselves don’t animate when battling, the figures do move around while attacking and different attacks are animated like Surf, Poison Sting and Scratch and gives it that extra appeal.

Like many mobile games these days, there are different items you can purchase through micro transactions or they have a timer for them to be available for free. The Pokemon Company does state that you can beat the game without the need for micro transactions but with the tradeoff of having a timer to unlock items.

Overall, this is a nice little surprise game The Pokemon Company released. With all the choices for figures, items and powerups, this is definitely an app that anyone can pick up and go. Casual gamers can get their daily duels in and go about, while other more hardcore players can really dig into the strategy of building their decks and putting them to good use on the board.

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