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Will it get first place or fall behind the rest?
Awkward camera angles, odd gaming mechanics and frustrating controllers. Perhaps Kinetica is just a figment of nostalgia Heaven.

Kinetica is a futuristic style racing game that Tries to grab you with arcade style racing and gravity defying stunts.
But is this game destined for first place or will it fall behind the rest?

Using the same kinetica engine that powered GOW 1 and GOW2.
Nine racers compete in futuristic versions of major cities around the world.
Racers use kinetic suits with the ability to reach terminal speeds of 350 miles per hour!

The problem is knowing where to go! as you can see the level is so futuristic it keeps changing perspective
Look at this ugh
nobody deserves this

now check this out Sometimes you have no indication turns are coming
This also comes for pits and holes I can't even tell you how many times I drove into my death

One of my biggest problems is when racing and the ability to move. The moment I begin moving the joystick left or right the racer begins to slow down.
It's hard to dodge anything without risking losing speed or control Sometimes I just run into obstacles purposely because I know I’m going to slow down either way.

The game is supposed to let you do tricks but I cannot figure out how and i know you can do it because I’ve seen it!
You can use your right joystick to accelerate and break. This is a cool idea and I'm guessing it's supposed to make the control more fluid but since the racer controls so bad you may think you are drifting but really you are just slowing down as you turn!

The levels do have imagination and I get what they were trying to do! They do have a futuristic feel and set the mood just right. I just wish the racing was more fluid and easy to control. The levels have so many turns and twists it's easy to get disoriented as I previously mentioned.

A map would have been nice! Nobody likes lists and its the worst way to show a racers position.

You can unlock more racers but good luck getting something other than 4th place.
Overall this is a basic futuristic racer. The more I played it the more it became frustrating the more I wanted to play f zero on gamecube.

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