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TIP 1: Memorize a location or two or even three on the map. Have at least 3-4 chest spawn locations that you can quickly and efficiently get to.

TIP 2: If you are getting shot at, you should immediately build. They got the jump on you so reset the playing ground and build for cover

TIP 3: Don't move in a straight line, people can be Anywhere and watching you with Any gun(including a sniper)

TIP 4: Get on high ground, it's crazy important especially in the late game

TIP 5: You don't need to kill everyone, so if someone is moving sporadically and doesn't know you are watching them, wait a little and get a better shot before committing to shooting them.

TIP 6: When you get to late game, build a base inside the circle and maintain high ground. If the circle moves, then you need to build another base. It doesn't have to be a big base, just make sure you have cover.


THANK you so much guys bye!!!! ¡¡¡¡

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