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RE: SSF Blight HC Lvl 84 Occultist Witch, Nerferella Ascended!

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Ooh. Look who's back: not one but two missing gamers. Are either of you preparing to dip your toes into newsteem? You've missed a lot of drama and interesting happenings. But congratulations on your ascension :)


lol Hi Nikv!!!!
I'm a retired gamer for now.
How is newsteem coming along? I've seen a few small dramas. Have the changes been a good thing? I'm still not sure how I feel about the free downvotes and separate downvote rewards pool. A lot of people have stopped posting. Downvoting to $0 is harsh; we should be educating people not just downvote to $0 and leave it as that. Also with the rewards curve, it will be hard for minnows to reach 10 steem in order to get the better post rewards payout since votes are worth less when the post has earned under 10 steem. A lot of people have stopped posting. Yes some were shit posts; but some were good too. I've seen some double standards but I don't want to get involved. Lets see how the newsteem pans out. I would be interested to know if interaction/commenting has increased or decreased since now voting on a comment is even worth less too.

I am liking newsteem, I'm working as a curator on the Curangel project and I am seeing a lot of smaller accounts finally earning more than cents because there is a lot of curation going on and I have seen many people who make an effort to post interesting things are finally getting recognised and rewarded.

The downvoting is a bit of a double-edged thing because there's a fair amount of revenge behaviour going on but on the other hand, it's gotten the bidbots to behave and some abusive accounts to stop farming and that means more rewards in the pool for the smaller fishes.

At the current price of steem, it hasn't been possible to reward comments for a very long time but people are still engaging.

I'm feeling like Steem is finally moving in a good direction.

How are you and how is Soju?

I was wondering why you haven't posted lately; you've been busy curating. Good to hear there has been more curating going on and the smaller fishes are getting rewarded for their efforts. I do hope that continues and encourages more genuine interactions between people.

I've been just ok; haven't been feeling well for the past 2 weeks. Headaches and feeling tired everyday; hard to concentrate and do things. I've been getting asthma attacks when I smell pollen (even freshly cut grass); I dont react to all pollen; must be certain ones; but how could you even tell by smell. I would start to react within seconds of smelling it; the coughing increases in a short amount of time. It is the first time this is happening and it has been getting worse. I was lucky my last attack (which was the worst attack so far) I had already gone to buy a new asthma pump reliever because my old one had expired. I've been to the docs and he has given me advice on how to manage it and prescribed me something if it is really bad and my reliever doesn't help. But he said it may be just a seasonal change thing since my asthma was never bad in the past. Well I do hope that is the case and it goes away soon.

Soju on the other hand; is naughty as usual and even more crazy about grass. She is so addicted to it where we were able to teach her how to do a 'hand shake' trick. On days she is desperate she will force hand shakes onto you without you asking for it. That is when you know you have to be extra careful of your fingers when giving her the grass.

How about yourself? Hope you have been well too. How are all your cats? Any new additions?

Oh; the other day I saw a cool looking succulent in a store and thought of you. I told my partner about the succulents you have posted and they are so cool looking; especially the hairy ones; they just make you want to touch them. I was thinking of having a small indoor plant on my desk; but I just don't know with Soju around.

Ooh, that's not good :( Some pollen is practically microscopic and it has already entered your airways by the time you are smelling it.
I'm ok, just very busy trying to sort out my house and my life in general.

My cats are all ok. No new additions, I think there would be world war 3 if I brought any more cats home.

Yeah, cats and plants are not a good mix unless you got a really solid pot for it

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