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Hello friends Steemian, Back again with me @nafidarmhd who will discuss about the game on android the Arena of Valor gane (AOV). In this post I will discuss about Hero Violet, Skill and its build item in the game Arena of Valor (AOV). Well just go ahead I will discuss about this Violet hero.

story of Violet hero (The Pistol Assassin)

"my firepower has been a reminder of the vampire-induced terror."

in times of war of stake, violet is known as a new type of vampire hunter named prince.the vampire ability of this type is unusual but spelled sophisticated. Their offensive strategy involves the use of spells of fireballs and lightning. some even capable of flying their prince abilities so profitable and they are hard conquered, only people like those who have undergone extreme practice that makes it able to fight a draw against these strange forces and their magic.

the more pince he can kill the greater the threat he gives and the more prince who spread the word about his existence the hate they feel about violet burning their desire to destroy him it drives them to exert much energy and launch their wrath attack because they benefit from their flying skills. his strongest weapon was his rose of fate rifle which gave him much of his weapon's victory tragically destroyed by a violet fireball instantly weakened and the troops began to lose courage this made him angry he vowed to defeat him no matter how he had lost his shotgun.

"if vampires prey on humans then we will participate in preying on vampires."

violet is one of the best killer heroes with a very elegant ability. Not surprisingly, this one hero became the most effective killer, all his skills inflict damage on the enemy and equipped with a passive capable of killing enemies and helping. because violets, including the type of hero archer, this assassin makes it easy for violets to kill all the enemies quickly.

Attribute owned Violet

 Basic attributes

  • Max HP = 3235
  • phys. DEF = 89|12.9%
  • phys. ATK = 172
  • magic DEF = 50|76%
  • magic power = 0
  • Max where = 440

Attack Attribute

  • Mov. Speed= 340
  • ATK Speed= 0%
  • life steal = 0%
  • distance of attack = distance
  • armor pierce = 0 | 0%
  • crit rate = 0%
  • where syphon = 0%
  • magic pierce = 0 | 0%
  • crit DMG = 200%
  • cooldown Red = 0%

Attribute persisted

  • Resistance = 0%
  • HP / 5 seconds = 40
  • Where / 5 seconds = 15

Skill possessed Violet

Hero violet has passive ability and maximum ability that can support it in order to survive and attack its enemies. With an effective skill skill he can kill his enemy quickly. and merging the three skills he was able to kill his enemy quickly. with his strongest weapon being his rifle, the Rose of Fate, which gave him many wins.

1. skill passive (reload)

Each Attack Normal Violet reduces the Cooldown of Tactical Fire skill by half a second. With this Passive skill, violet can easily inflict more damage to all of its enemies with that given by Tactical Firenya skill. This skill is very useful while waiting for another skill canown.

2. tactical fire

Violet moves forward and subsequent attacks result in Physical Damage to enemy heroes within reach. With this skill, attack distance and movement speed violet are also increased which can make him give greater damage to the damaged enemy heroes.

3. fire in the hole

Violet throws a grenade towards the target enemy, resulting in physical damage to the enemy and reduces movement speed by 90% for 1 second. This skill radius is very small but the explosive power of this skill is enormous.

4. concussive round

Violet fires her bazooka and fires her attack to an enemy within her reach, resulting in physical damage. Keep in mind that this skill has a long canown but when this shot is ready for use, it will inflict huge damage to the enemy that is attacked by this skill.

Build items used on Violet heroes 

To support the skills that violets have more effective and strong, it is necessary to build items also in the use of violet. because violets are fast killers. Here is the following items I use.

1. spear of loginus

This item adds 80 physical ATK, 15% cooldown, and 150 physical DEF. After injuring the target can reduce the physical DEF to 50 points for 5 seconds and accumulate 5 times. this item I choose at the beginning of the game because it is very beneficial violet to fight its enemies.

2. war boots

This item is perfect for archers / assassins. The addition of 15% attack speed, in addition to 60 speed movement speed, is very helpful archer to continue to issue normal attacks. This item is advantageous in moving and attacking the opponent.

3. soulreaver

the item I choose because it is commonly used by jungler, this item will be very useful. this item adds 25% attack speed and 10% lifesteal, and makes Violet has the effect of slowing the enemy's movement speed. To activate this effect, and this item is useful for violets in attacking the enemy.

4. muramasa

this item adds 70 phys ATK and 10% cooldown red. serves to reduce and ignore the physical defense of the opponent, This reduction will directly increase the physical damage received by the opponent. with the existence of this item violet no longer afraid to fight hero type warrior.

5. fenrir's tooth

items are items that give the greatest physical attack that is perfect for Violet. Additional 200 physical and passive physical points that increase damage when the enemy's HP below 50% will make Violet as an effective hunter to kill his opponent, a very favorable item violet.

6. ancentral glory

The last item is ancentral glory, This item will add HP maximum of 1000 points wukong. But the most important of these items survives is a passive reviving. The effect of the hero's revival goes back in 3 seconds, and returns 40% of HP's maximum. very useful to continue the fight or escape. This is particularly suitable for violets at the end of the item.

So little explanation about Hero Violet in the game Arena of Valor, Everything I explain is Real from the Arena of Valor Game that I play and also according to my thinking. If anything is wrong and not appropriate then I apologize. For other heroes do not forget every day Check my next post.

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