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Hello friends Steemian, Back again with me @nafidarmhd who will discuss about the game on android the Arena of Valor gane (AOV). In this post I will discuss about Hero murad, Skill and its build item in the game Arena of Valor (AOV). Well just go ahead I will discuss about this murad hero.

story of Murad hero

space and time are the foundations of the world, they are also the source of all the power of no Friday or technology that can save the power of space and time only andura stone that can contain the power of space and time and provide opportunities for all living beings to benefit from it. with the aim of mastering the andura stone of the mystical ancestry going into the desert to search for fragments andura mythical ancestors can fool the azzenka and obtain the fragment andura they use it to create super weapons that can manipulate space and time and then build a new empire in the desert.

when his adolescent martyrs inherited his weapons and led his soldiers to expand the empire and eradicate the rebels it ultimately threatened the azzenka's increasingly wrathful power after knowing the secret of the weapon azzenka would not be able to defeat him. azzenka surrenders and is willing to fulfill all the demands of the myrtle princes with the senags of making his azzenka and his territory a colony and finally passing the opportunity to eliminate the dangerous enemy azzenka realizes that nothing lasts forever and he creates crises that force the army to use his weapon in order to save the kingdom .

excessive use makes the andura stone weak and starts to crack so the power of space and time telepas. azzenka immediately called a sandstorm that swallowed all the work of andura stone power can only protect one person and the whole empire urges the myrtle to immediately rescue.

murad is a type of heroic killer, murad has a strong attack and defense. With his ability, myrtle was able to kill his enemy quickly, with the merging of murad skill.

Attribute owned murad

 Basic attributes

  • Max HP = 2968
  • phys. DEF = 98|14%
  • phys. ATK = 169
  • magic DEF = 50|7.6%
  • magic power = 0
  • Max where = 450

Attack Attribute

  • Mov. Speed= 390
  • ATK Speed= 0%
  • life steal = 0%
  • distance of attack = distance
  • armor pierce = 0 | 0%
  • crit rate = 0%
  • where syphon = 0%
  • magic pierce = 0 | 0%
  • crit DMG = 200%
  • cooldown Red = 0%

Attribute persisted

  • Resistance = 0%
  • HP / 5 seconds = 49
  • Where / 5 seconds = 16


Skill possessed Murad

The myrtle horizon has passive abilities and maximum abilities that can support it in order to survive and attack its enemies. With an effective skill he can kill his enemy quickly. and combining the three skills, he can kill his enemy quickly. with his strongest skill of temporal turbulence, which gave him plenty of victories for his team.

1. skill pasif (rift)

Normal attack to 4 Murad in 3 seconds will give him 5% attack damage, and open the temporal Turbulence seal, although this skill is passive but this skill is very useful for the myrtle to open the other skill.

2.thorn of time

with this skill Murad able to move / jump to anywhere Appropriate that we direct, when exposed to the opponent to give physical damage and give effect stun. Murad can jump / move at any time within five seconds of the first cast of skills, and Murad can return to the starting position when the skill is released on the third cast. This skill works also to chase the opponent and slow down the opponent.

3.another dimension

 This skill delivers a distortion loop that will give physical damage to all the opponents inside the circle. if the enemy that passes through the wall of distortion area will be affected by physical damage and affected by slow effect of 90%. Murad can not be attacked when creating this distortion. when the enemy is in the circle the myrtle is able to attack effectively.

4.temporal turbulance

this is the ultimate skill Murad will release five attacks simultaneously on the opponent according to the target area and then will give physical damage from each attack.Murad will get a life steal from each attack. During the Temporal Turbulence skill, Murad can not be attacked or targeted. Temporal Skill Turbulence is a weapon to attack all his enemies.

by combining these three skeletons into a terrible murderer. first have to use skill 2. then skil 1. and to finish it using skill to 3.

Build items used on Murad heroes

to increase the strength of mythical skill then it takes items that support the myrtle, ranging from junggling, survive until attack. here are the items.

1. soulreaver

 the item I choose because it is commonly used by jungler, this item will be very useful. this item adds 25% attack speed and 10% lifesteal, and makes Violet has the effect of slowing the enemy's movement speed. To activate this effect, and this item is useful for violets in attacking the enemy.

2.gilded greaves

The next item is gilded greaves. Additional 110 magic DEF and movement speed 60, this item is very useful for myrtle which is hero type assassin

3. fenrir's tooth 

 items are items that give the greatest physical attack that is perfect for Murad. Additional 200 physical and passive physical points that increase damage when the enemy's HP below 50% will make Murad as an effective hunter to kill his opponent, a very favorable item Murad.


The next item used by Murad is Rankbreaker. An additional 100 physical attack points and 10% cooldown reduction will be obtained by Murad. Besides passive Windwalk will make him have high mobility, as well as passive break will add a very large armor pierce. this item is very useful in persisting.


 this item adds 70 phys ATK and 10% cooldown red. serves to reduce and ignore the physical defense of the opponent, This reduction will directly increase the physical damage received by the opponent. with the existence of this item violet no longer afraid to fight hero type warrior. this item is very useful.

6.ancentral glory

The last item is ancentral glory, This item will add HP maximum of 1000 points wukong. But the most important of these items survives is a passive reviving. The effect of the hero's revival goes back in 3 seconds, and returns 40% of HP's maximum. very useful to continue the fight or escape. This is particularly suitable for murads at the end of the item.

 So little explanation about Hero murad in the game Arena of Valor, Everything I explain is Real from the Arena of Valor Game that I play and also according to my thinking. If anything is wrong and not appropriate then I apologize. For other heroes do not forget every day Check my next post

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