🎮Life Is Strange Ep. 3🎮 Review and Full Walkthrough

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Life Is Strange 3

In Life is Strange Episode 3, you deal with the aftermaths of episode 2. You could be congratulated by various people or you might be consoled by them. The environment around you will also reflect the aftermath of your choices. After the climax of episode 2, episode 3 is boring for most parts. But it also ends with a climactic moment.

Max & Chloe

The relationship between Max and Chloe blossoms in this episode. This episode has them relating on a whole different level and bring this to play in various moments. One particular moment is a quite shocking lesbian act. Nothing else is said about it but you get a feeling that the other episodes will reveal more about this. Max is so comfortable with Chloe now that she can tell Chloe the way she feels about her not so nice behavior towards her. They break into offices, take a swim in a pool and do some other activities together.

Life Is Strange rewind

The gameplay retains some of what you did in episode 2. You will still have to solve puzzles and find objects but they are less annoying than before. The time rewinding feature is now put to use in more intuitive ways. You rewind time to sneak past guards, give bullies a dose of their medicine and accomplish other things. A remarkable moment was when you tried to rewind time to save Chloe’s father from an accident. Then you faced the probability of it coming back to bite you. When you think you’ve known all there is to know about the super powers, more about it is revealed to you. You can now use the power to rewind time farther than you could. But the consequences could be fatal. Every little adjustment you make when you rewind time could have far more grave consequences than you think.

With the way the episode carries on, you will think the ending won’t be as intense as episode 2 was. But again, Dontnod Entertainment created an episode that shocked us again. The ending of episode 3 was as intense as episode 2. To some players, it might even beat it. It leaves you with a cliffhanger that has you eagerly anticipating episode 4.

Watch Life Is Strange Episode 3 Full Walkthrough

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Cool. I like games like this, but I've never heard of this one. I'll check for it. This said Episode 3, so I guess there is an Episode 1 and 2. Definitely, I will be looking for it (and not just because of the lesbian thing).


Yeah definitely check it out. It has a nice story to it. You can buy the complete season (Episode 1-5) for $19.99 on PSN. Oh also the prequel Life Is Strange: Before the Storm is releasing at the end of this month. I can't wait for that!

Nice gameplay , beautiful thanks


Thanks for checking the post out!

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Great review. Looking forward for more


Thx for checking out the post!

and it only goes more twisty from here... It's really a great game!!


Thats great!

I love a game that gets better and better! I need to hurry up and play the rest of the episodes before the prequel releases.


But my favorite part in all of the game is Ep3 ending you saw... and the part after it in Ep4... you tried your best to choose a better future, But do you have the right to decide who lives and who dies?