Exploring Libriaries _4- Nioh

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In these days it's coming out the second chapter and I took back from this level I left the game at.
I love it but as all the hard and storylol (wich I enjoy but it dosn't get up at night thinking) make me chip away at the game slowly.
Nioh is really in my eyes the continuation of Ninja Gaiden on Demon Souls structure and mechanics, and for the first inspiration(wich is made by Tecmo anyways) it nails it perfectly with a combat sublime and even more full of option then the Ninja gaiden one, altough much slower paced and a bit less frantic.
The structure though inspired by Demon Souls, with level with short cuts, a bonfire like checkpoint system, dying make you leave all your upgrade points and you have to get back to where you died to retrive them and other small touches, overall they add to the old action formula but they don't feel in depth and a bit sticked on.

Nioh combat feel so good, everything has this deep impact but it swiftly and gently go from one exchange to another, it's like a stone and a feather at the same time, and while you sweat your Ki away move after move when you really start dancing and connect the Ki regain move(it's similar to Gears of war reload system, you have to wait the right time and when the visual signs on your charachter shine you press the shoulder button and refill the lost Ki instantly).

One complaint I have is that once you get to the boss I find really hard to not find the most damaging combo I have and sticking to that only for all the fight and not getting creative with the million move you have at your disposal.
While I like some bosses I always find much more enjoyable the levels that have preceded them.


As for the story I don't have much to say, it's there, a video to break a bit of action is good but eh.


It took me another 30 minutes to beat the boss but didn't record it, it was painful truly!

Goodnight ninjas :D


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