Beastiary -1- Rajang

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The mighty Bullmonkey
[The hunt begins at 6 min mark before I prepare for the battle if you haven't seen that part in MHWORLD]

Fighting Rajang for the first time, I took my time because I heard about the fury and the aggressiviness of this beast from its infamous fame and ended up anyway with fainting 1 time and relaying on the help of turf war between Rajang and Savage deviljho as much as I could.(thanks Jho)

I really liked the fight, the small size of Rajang and the similirity with Shadow of Colossus bull titan gave a different taste to the fight, that usually involves giant beasts but this time the same power is concentraded in a much smaller creature.

The music it plays is so catchy and tribal too and adds so much at the impact of the punches, laserbeams and shoriuken that compose Rajang moveset


It is such a frantic fight in wich you have to play really careful, especially with weapons like hammers that have little defense mechanism(but so great to break its horns to pieces)

The turf war with Savage Jho is amazing

Goodnight Hunters


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